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6 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Blindfold

In addition to often being comfortable to wear, here are 6 reasons why everyone should own a blindfold!
April 29, 2021

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1. Heighten your other senses

NS Novelties Lust Blindfold Purple

Blocking one of your senses (like sight), heightens the rest of them (touch, smell, hearing, and taste), leaving you in utter anticipation of what’s to come next!

Pro tip: Use things like a favourite perfume/cologne to make the sensual experience more personal to you.

2. Help with confidence

Ouch by Shots Toys Elegant Blinder Grey

Removing the gaze of a partner can help you to relax more and loosen up if you struggle with the idea of “being watched”. You can also take advantage of this by exploring positions you may usually feel more self conscious in.

Alternatively, you can masturbate in front of them and instead of watching, they’ll be able to listen to you enjoying yourself!

3. They are universal

NS Novelties Bondage Couture Blindfold Blue

Anyone can play with a blindfold regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship status, BDSM experience, etc.

Sex & Mischief Satin Blindfold Black

To fit most folks, blindfolds are typically either adjustable with buckles or ties, or they feature a stretchy headband.

Pro tip: If in a relationship, try looking for one you both find appealing - because this is one type of sex toy you can share!

4. Doubles as a sleep mask

Sex & Mischief Sweet Punishment Kit

If you spring for one that has a lighter and softer feel to it, it’s basically the same thing as a sleep mask; ideal for getting some zzz’s at home, on a plane, in the car, etc. It also looks totally discreet if someone accidentally comes across it.

5. They can also be kinky

Ouch by Shots Toys SLUT Blindfold Black/Red

To incorporate into any type of BDSM play, look for a blindfold that features things such as words, studs, designs, or anything with an edgier design to bring out your dark side.

6. They are cheap!

Ouch by Shots Toys Introductory Bondage Kit 1 Black

Most blindfolds can be found for $20-30 or under, which is an affordable option for both adding to your collection or if you’re new to them altogether. However, if you think you’d also want to try some other BDSM toys at once, try looking for a kit that includes a blindfold in addition to some other goodies!


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