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10 Ways to Style Wetlook Lingerie

We love us some wetlook lingerie! The best part though is that it can be styled in a multitude of ways - for both inside and out of the bedroom!
April 22, 2021

We love us some wetlook lingerie here at Stag Shop. It instantly adds edge to any outfit or sexual situation and comes in all sorts of different lingerie styles. The best part though is that it can be styled in a multitude of ways - for both inside and out of the bedroom!

1. Leather Daddy Realness

Coquette 20213 Wet Look Vest & Coquette D9351X Matte Metal Boned Corset

Mix and match ALL types of wetlook pieces for your own unique type of leather daddy look! Cinchers and corsets/bustiers are great to wear both over top and underneath other types of clothing. Add some accessories - like gloves and a hat - and explore mixing different things including colours, patterns, and textures.

2. Under Boots/Shoes

Coquette 20216 Stay Up Wet Look Stockings Black

For a legging-like style that shows a little more skin, try wearing wetlook stockings under your shoes. Whether it’s shorter like a heel or a tall boot, be sure to look for ones that have the stay-up (silicone) tops!

3. Booty Chaps & Pasties

Coquette 7243X Wetlook Booty Chaps & Coquette 1892 Cross Pasties Black

If you prefer more of a kinkier style, how about some chaps and pasties!? It boasts a “barely-there” and teasing look ideal for any dungeon or sex party. Pasties can be found in all sorts of shapes, designs, and colours to suit your mood.

4. High-Waisted & Teddies

Coquette D9382X Crotchless Teddy Black

Teddies are the perfect thing to pair with anything high-waisted - shorts, a skirt, jeans - for either a more casual or dressed-up ensemble. The shiny and black wetlook material fits right in when going out to places like bars, clubs, or parties.

Pro tip: Look for a teddy that is crotchless in design for easy access to hot spots - especially underneath something open & flowy like a skirt!

5. Role-Playing Outfits

Coquette D9383X Skirt & Tie Set Black/Merlot & Coquette 20209 Lace Shrug Black 

Indulge in your creativity with some role-playing outfits! Some of the classics - like the nurse and schoolgirl - take a darker turn when dressed in the shiny and kinkier-looking wetlook material.

6. BDE (Big Dominant Energy) Jumpsuit

Coquette D9344 Jumpsuit Black

Nothing can make you feel more Dominant and ready to take on your submissive than a badass & shiny one-piece jumpsuit!

7. Pants & Crop Top

Coquette D9245 Pants & Coquette D9377 Mesh T-Shirt Black

On a more casual level (that you could even leave the house in), many wetlook pant styles are designed to be opaque; meaning you can’t see through them. Pair it with an oversized & tied graphic tee, a crop top, and/or a cutoff & bralette for a more relaxed vibe.

8. Matching Sets

Coquette D9385X Crop Top Merlot & Coquette D9386X Booty Short Merlot

If the idea of mix and matching different pieces sounds stressful, make things easier by getting a matching wetlook lingerie set! They are one of the easiest things to put together (because it’s already done for you) plus it does allow you to mix and match with other pieces if you want.

Enhance any set by doing some personalized accessorizing with things like stockings, jewelry, body harnesses, collars, etc.

9. Femme Fatale

Coquette 20207 Wrap Chemise Black & Coquette D9300 Dress Black

For a more feminine look (but still edgy), try longer babydolls or chemises that resemble dresses, such as this one above that looks like a wrap dress. There are many wetlook lingerie pieces in other styles too including skirts and dresses; don’t forget to complete the ensemble with your favourite shade of lipstick!

10. Body Harnesses

Coquette D9373 Bra Harness with Garters Black

Body harnesses are simple pieces that can add complexity to any look. Experiment with wearing one over everyday clothes, your nude body, or other lingerie styles like corsets, jumpsuits, and dresses. They can also be worn underneath anything else as a sexy and secret surprise!


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