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7 "Stay Home" Sex Essentials

Many of us are still staying at home because of COVID-19. Be sure to stock up on all of these stay home sex essentials.
Emily Zawadzki
July 24, 2020

1. Lubes

Stag Shop Aqua Water Based Lubricant

Let this serve as your friendly reminder to check those expiry dates! Maybe it’s time to try a new brand, formula, flavour, or switch it up with something more fun like a warming or cooling lube. Learn more information on different types of lubricants here!

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2. Toy Cleaner

Stag Shop Foaming Toy Cleaner

The best way to clean a sex toy is with toy cleaner. While soap and hot water may effectively get rid of bacteria, soap is generally pretty harsh and can damage your toy. It can degrade the material over time due to harsh ingredients, or leave residue on the surface of your toy, stripping it of its texture, feel, look, etc. Read here for more information on caring for your sex toys!

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3. Condoms & Dams

One Condoms Glowing Pleasure Glow-in-the-Dark Latex Condom & Pamco Dental Dams

If you are currently using barriers with a partner, be sure to stock up! Barriers can not only help to prevent pregnancy, but also prevent fluids from being transferred from body to body. Not sure about condoms? Be sure to check out our blog post here!

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4. Batteries

Stag Shop Alkaline AA Batteries 4-Pack

If any of your toys take batteries, make sure you have enough of them to get you through! One of the advantages of battery toys is with enough of a stash on hand, you can simply change them and keep going if your toy dies before your big finish. 

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5. A Sex Game

Kheper Games We've Never....But We Will Couples Game

Keep things fun at home with a sex game! There are many different varieties to choose from including cards, dice, and board games. Some focus on specific themes (such as BDSM or oral sex) while others are more generalized.

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6. Performance Pills & Supplements

Forta Male Sexual Enhancement Supplement 2-pack & Forta Vitality Desire For Women Sexual Supplement

Sometimes we want to just keep going and going - especially with nothing else going on lately! Help your body to get on your same sexual level with an all-natural supplement. Mainly seen in pill format, brands like Forta and Durazest offer herbal-based solutions to improve your sexual performance, kick start your libido, or just give yourself that sexual boost!

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7. Instructional DVD's

Wicked Pictures Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex BDSM for Beginners

Whether alone or with a lover, what better time to brush up on and/or learn some new sexual skills! We have a wide selection of instructional DVD’s to help you learn more about some of your favourite sexual activities such as anal play, strip tease, prostate play, threesomes, and more!

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