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A Guide To Nipple Play

Regardless of gender, the nipples are known as an erogenous zone and contain lots of nerve endings; making them more sensitive to touch, pressure, etc.
Emily Zawadzki
July 31, 2020

What Is Nipple Play?

Regardless of gender, the nipples are a receptive and pleasurable part of the body. Known as an erogenous zone, the nipples contain lots of nerve endings - making them more sensitive to touch, pressure, etc. Each nipple and each person is unique however, meaning what might feel great for one, doesn’t for another - even on the same person!

An important note is that nipple & breast sensitivity can change depending on hormones, stress levels, temperature, pregnancy, etc. While your partner may have liked you biting their nipples last week, this week while they’re on their period could be a different story. Unless told otherwise, try to switch back and forth between nipples as well, so that one isn’t being overstimulated, and you aren’t forgetting about the other!

Nipple Orgasms!?

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That’s right - it is TOTALLY possible to have an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone!

Research shows that nipple stimulation can have similar effects as genital stimulation in the way that chemicals are released from the brain. If stimulated right, nipple play can lead to orgasm - just much shorter & sweeter than you’re probably used to! However, not everyone can or even wants to have a nipple orgasm.

If you want to go for it, try to incorporate more nipple play into your normal sexual routine. Pinch your nipples as you are receiving oral, or have a partner play with them more during penetration. The more comfortable you become with nipple stimulation in general, the easier it will be for nipple orgasms to come (pun intended!).


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A more extreme type of nipple play is nipple torture. Part of the BDSM scene, nipple torture takes nipple stimulation to a more painful level. Often using toys or more impactful touch, nipple torture is meant to inflict pain onto the nipples. As with many other types of BDSM play, the pleasure for most people is derived from the pain.

Some common types of nipple torture are:
- Breast Binding/Bondage
- Clamping
- Piercing/Needle Play
- Electrostimulation
- Suction (also known as Cupping)

*It is not recommended to try ANY nipple torture until you have done some more homework, communicated & consented with a partner, and learned the safety first!*

Some Topless Teasing

On a more basic nipple play level, try the following!

Be aware of how your partner is reacting to your touch and adjust your movements accordingly. Communication is always a good place to start with nipple play. Talk to your partner about their nipples; what they like, don’t like, any sensitivities, etc. then you can explore from there. Be sure to check-in and communicate as you go!

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Use Your Mouth:

BLOW - Start off small and gentle, you don’t even need to touch yet! Try blowing air onto your partner’s nipple; with pursed lips, your air is cooler, and with an open mouth, the air is warmer. This is also a good way to introduce some light temperature play.

KISS - Kisses can be as gentle or as firm as you both want, and it’s a good start to nipple stimulation that will help to warm your partner up! You can also kiss the nipples in different ways. Try brushing closed lips on it, or opening up a little to let some of the nipple into your mouth. Which then allows you to start using that tongue!

LICK - Use your tongue & try circling it around the nipple, or lapping it back and forth. You can also experiment with different tongue sensations. Light licks can be more sensual whereas a harder lick will stimulate more nerve-endings.

SUCK - When sucking on the nipple, try switching up the speed and how hard you’re sucking. Don’t suck TOO hard (unless told otherwise), as you could potentially hurt your partner. You can alternate between licking and sucking to mix up the sensations.

BITE - But ask first! Not everyone will welcome your bite. Some nipples are too sensitive for biting and that’s okay. If this is the case, try just gently holding their nipple between your teeth but without using any pressure. If your partner is down for some nibbles, try starting at the base of the nipple and working your way to the tip as it can be more comfortable for the receiver. If they’re okay with that, you can roll the nipple back and forth by moving your jaw from side-to-side.

Use Your Hands:

MASSAGE - Begin with gentle, more massaging motions of the breasts in general - stimulating around the nipple before focusing on it. Apply different pressures and try moving your hands in different motions such as circular, side to side, or up and down. If you want to build up the stimulation, try using your finger first to rub or draw circles around the nipple. When you get to it, try holding it in between your fingers while rolling it around and still massaging the rest of the breast.

PINCHING - If a partner wants you to try pinching their nipples, it’s all about the pressure! Use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze the nipple and hold. How hard you pinch and for how long is up to your partner. When you release, they will feel a sensation caused by the blood rushing back to the nipple.

PULLING/TWISTING - A bit more aggressive, pulling or twisting the nipples can help to build up the tension! Start from the base of the nipple and pull it out, decreasing pressure before finally letting go.