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A Game For Every Couple!

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you like, there’s a sex game out there for every couple!
Emily Zawadzki
February 7, 2024

Looking for a fun game to play this Valentine’s Day - or any other day of the year?! Look no further, we have a sex game for every kind of couple out there!

1. The kinky couple

Kheper Games 50 Positions of Bondage

Compete against your lover to build a 5-card fantasy that includes 5 categories of bondage position challenges.

To play, you'll draw cards, deciding along the way which to keep and which to discard. The goal is to rack up 1 of each color card - the resulting hand will spell out a bondage-bent scene that can be acted out with your favorite BDSM gear!

2. The spiritual couple

Kheper Games Mind Body & Soul

Achieve enlightenment by playing Mind, Body & Soul. As you move around the game board, you and your partner ask each other questions designed to open up your chakras.

There are 20 questions per card and 2 sets of cards per the 7 chakras to total 240 chakra healing questions. You win by aligning all 7 of your chakras and your partner provides an intimate reward to align your sacral and heart chakras!

3. The sensual couple

Little Genie Bedroom Rendezvous

Love-scape your bed for a sensual evening of passion!

Get creative and turn any room into a romantic, candlelit love den. Scatter scented rose petals to set the intention, lay out the activity cards, and let your evening of intimacy begin!

4. The adventurous couple

Ozze Creations Just the 2 of Us

Feeling adventurous? Take your chances on this 6-piece mystery kit and let fate choose your next sexual encounter!

Pssst…if you wanted to take a sneak peek at the types of items included, you can do so by checking out the product description here!

5. The couple who sexts

Kheper Games DTF

Build your sexting fantasies to act out now and to sext later!

Perhaps you wish to 🚤their 🍉, 👅some🥜, or 👉 their 🌮?  There are 1000s of possible combinations to choose from for naughty emoji fun together!

6. The “sweet” couple

Ozze Creations Chocolate Tease

For the couple that likes a sweet treat, this game includes 30 Chocolate Tease Cards, 1 Chocolate Jar, and 2 Brushes for the sexiest snack you’ll probably ever enjoy.😏

7. For the couple that like to surprise each other

Creative Conceptions Fifty Days of Play

Who will be the dominant player today and who will play a more submissive role? Only the envelope can decide…

Fifty Days of Play has 50 secret envelopes that progress through 5 levels of play, ranging from intimate moments together, through stimulating scenarios, to erotic surprises.

Not only can you use the envelopes as part of this game, but you can use them just for fun:

  • Sneak envelopes into your partner’s purse or wallet as a naughty surprise that is waiting for them to get home
  • On a weekend away, both randomly choose a few envelopes and use them to fill your time away with erotic ideas
  • Snap a pic of one of the envelopes as a fun foreplay sext