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5 Creative Ways To Use Toys With a Partner

Whether you are looking for some new ways to play this Valentine’s Day or just because, here are 5 creative ways to use sex toys with someone else!
Emily Zawadzki
February 14, 2024

1. Add an extra body part (or two or three!) into the mix and indulge in any group play fantasies!

Ultimate Fantasy Dolls Bianca Life Size Realistic Sex Doll

With the simple addition of a realistic dildo, a mouth, a vulva, or even a sex doll, these types of toys can allow you to get creative with your positions and role-playing without actually involving anyone else but you two!

2. Take it out of the bedroom…or even out of the house!

lovense ridge app-controlled anal beads gif

Lovense Ridge App-controlled Vibrating & Rotating Anal Beads Black

Switch up your scenery and take your play into other rooms like the kitchen, living room, or the dining room. Bring your favourite toys along with you, or use an app-controlled or remote control toy to surprise them while they’re wearing it or even by controlling it from another room.

Although similar, there are some big differences between an app and a handheld remote control that you can read more about here.

If you’re feeling extra bold, you could even play more publicly!

3. Switch up your sexual roles

Are you kind of used to doing things a certain way? You can use sex toys to switch up your sexual roles; aka what & how you do things to one another!

Both in & out of the BDSM world, various types of toys can allow you to switch who is on top & who is on bottom, who is Dominant & submissive, and who plays what part…in all sorts of sexy scenarios!

For example…

  • Someone who is usually the one being penetrated can penetrate their partner instead with their own penis, strap-ons, dildos and/or finger play
  • Someone who is used to doing all of the tying up, can be put into a restraint instead
  • If someone is generally on top a lot during various positions, have them lay back or get into other more passive positions with the help of a swing or other type of sex furniture.

Pro Tip: The brand Liberator is infamously known for their luxurious & durable sex positional aids that can assist you in hitting all of the right angles.😉

4. Get it wet

Pipedream 3Some Wall Banger Vibrating Massager Blue

If you like to get wet, maybe your sex toy does too! Some toys are advertised as water-resistant, or splashproof which means they can get plenty wet but are not fully submersible underwater so if you’re looking for something to take under, ensure it is waterproof specifically!

Since you’re already going to take your play out of the bedroom…why not take it into the bathroom? The shower and bathtub is the perfect place to privately have a super-soaked sexy scene together!

Need another reason to play in the bathroom? If you have a suction-cup toy, this is the place to be! Suction cups are your best friend in the bathroom because when suctioned to tile & porcelain, you’re in for a fun ride!

5. Mix in different sensations

There are thousands upon thousands of sex toys all designed with different ways to stimulate the body & different parts including vibration, suction, rotation, and more. If you’re only used to playing with vibration, try an air pulse toy! If you like the feeling of waving fingers inside the vagina or butt, give a vibe with a waving shaft a go!

You can learn about MANY of the different features and functions that a sex toy can have in our previous blog post and/or use a couples sex kit to try out multiple types of toys at once!


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