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A Guide to Masturbators & Sex Dolls

Pocket pussies, Fleshlights, sex dolls, oh my! With so many different types of pleasurable strokers, it can be hard (pun intended) to figure out which one is the right one for you.
October 7, 2020

Pocket pussies, Fleshlights, sex dolls, oh my! With so many different types of pleasurable strokers, it can be hard (pun intended) to figure out which one is the right one for you. Let Stag Shop take you through our guide to masturbators & sex dolls!

A masturbator is simply a sex toy designed to stimulate the penis either by stroking it or letting you penetrate into it. There is a wide variety of masturbators on the market ranging in size and design. Many (but not all!) are realistic, and feature different orifices, “genders”, and skin tones to represent the diverse preferences of our community.

For even more stimulating sensations, look for a masturbator that; vibrates, rotates, heats up, is see-thru (so you can watch yourself pound away!), features pleasure beads, and/or is directly molded from the parts of some of your favourite adult film stars!

Pocket "Pussies" & Handheld

Mangasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker

Pocket pussies and other handheld strokers are typically smaller and less expensive; making them a budget-friendly option for stroking beginners. While many are vaginas, there are also lots of other designs including butts, mouths, and some that are universal/neutral. You (or a partner!) are still the ones doing most of the work, however the textures feel a lot different and provide more sensation compared to a hand.

Blow-up Dolls

Pipedream Extreme Allie McSqueal Life Size Love Doll

Often created more for novelty use than as an actual sex toy, blow-up dolls are typically made of a harder plastic and need to be inflated before using. This can also make them great for travel and storage as they simply decompress and can be folded up and put away after cleaning.

Pro Tip: For a more comfortable experience with a blow-up doll, put a handheld/smaller stroker into the hole(s) of the doll for a more realistic experience...on a budget.

Fleshlights & Cased Strokers

Doc Johnson ManSqueeze Brysen Ass Masturbator

A stroker that comes in a hard case, such as Fleshlight and MainSqueeze can provide more customizable play options such as suction, control/grip, and hands-free with an attachable mount. Most can still be removed from the case though to be able to be used on its own and for proper cleaning.

Bigger "Realistic" Parts

Pipedream Extreme Dirty Talk Interactive Titty Fuck-Her Realistic Masturbator

For those with a certain fixation, masturbators can be seen in a variety of other body parts too from boobs, to butts and even feet. Many are larger than handheld strokers and some feature “fuller” bodies too including torsos and bodies posed in different positions.

Sex Dolls

Pipedream Extreme Ultimate Fantasy Dolls Carmen Life Size Realistic Doll & XR Brands Next Gen Kyle Fantasy Life Size Replica Love Doll

Lastly (and most expensively), the most realistic masturbator you can get is a sex doll! Available in most genders, they are bigger, often lifesize, and come jam-packed with customizable features. Things like different wigs, poseable bodies, nails, and of course multiple pleasure points are just some of the fun things you can play with.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

Fleshlight Original Pink Lady Value Pack Pussy Masturbator

To keep your masturbator and/or doll looking and feeling its greatest each time, consider these accessories:

  • Toy Cleaner - helps to effectively rid your toy of bacteria while helping to maintain the quality of the material over time.
  • Lube - will create a wetter and more pleasurable glide; a warming lube will also help to create a more realistic experience.
  • Toy Powder - in addition to a cleaner, a powder helps to restore the material to its soft and skin like feel after each washing.
  • Disposable options - some strokers (like the Tenga eggs) are actually disposable, meaning you use them once and simply toss them in the garbage. They are great for quickies, travellers, or just to experiment with!


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