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Why Sex is Better in Fall

Some research has shown that Fall is the season of sex, and we get it.
Emily Zawadzki
October 2, 2020

Some research has shown that Fall is the season of sex, and we get it. The temperature is dropping, cozy vibes are in the air, and there’s always Halloween, of course! In addition to what the science says, we’ve come up with a list of some other, not so scientific reasons as to why sex is simply better in the fall time!

The Science of Autumn Sex

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Based on research, here is what the science has to say about romance and sexuality come the fall.

1. Testosterone (a universal hormone associated with sex drive) levels rise in all bodies.

2. Men may perceive women to be more attractive as the months get colder.

3. A popular study found that some men/penis owners were sexually aroused by the smell of pumpkin (especially when combined with lavender!)

4. As we become physically closer to partners during the fall months (aka getting cozy af), and begin to feel warmer, our brains associate this warmth with the people we are with too. This means that the closer you get physically, the likelier it is that you will become closer emotionally as well!

The Unscientific Fall Fun

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These reasons may not be backed up by research, but they sure do make fall sex sound even more fun!

The Temperature

Fall time represents the middle ground of temperatures - especially for sexual activity. It’s not as sweaty and sticky as summer sex, but not so cold yet that you literally shiver at the idea of taking any layers off.

Speaking of layers...don’t put away your lingerie for the winter just yet, instead try mixing some of your pieces together for some new & cozier ideas; a corset & booty shorts, a teddy & a robe, a romper & some thigh-high stockings, etc!

Back-To-School Season

Just like with New Years, the back to school vibe of fall can have everyone feeling like they are ready for a refresh or wanting to try/learn something new. Use this time to learn about & try a new type of sexual play. Most BDSM play requires some sort of research anyway!

Pssst...did you know that we have educational brochures available for free on a range of different topics?!

Halloween, duh

Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up as someone else, act a little naughty, and of course give out some sweet treats! Use this time to try out some role play, act out different fantasies, and have fun getting creative!

Daylight Savings Time

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If you live somewhere that participates in daylight savings time, fall is the time where many of us experience sunnier mornings and darker evenings. This can be a benefit to your sex life too, resulting in brighter morning sex and a sensual mood set for you earlier on in your night - letting you get to it quicker!


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