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Accessible Sex Toys!

In this blog post, we will be going over some toys that those with physical disabilities can use and how to make them work best for YOUR body!
October 16, 2020

This also includes folks who have disabilities, whether they be physical and/or mental. In this specific post however, we will be going over ways that those with physical disabilities can experience different types of sex toys and how to make them work best for your body!

Getting Creative

“For her”, “for him”, “for anal”, “for g-spot” - while these types of labels can be helpful for sex toy beginners to figure out what to play with first, they are also limiting to our possible pleasure potential when using them. Many toys like vibrators, strap-ons, and cock rings can be used for so much more than just what they advertise.

Forgetting what it says on the package, begin to ask yourself the following question when it comes to buying sex toys...“how many ways can I get pleasure from and/or use this item?” This will help you to see sex toys in a new and creative way!


Head Strap-Ons:

Cal Exotics Accommodator Face Strap-On

Attaching around the chin, forehead, or another area of the head, these types of toys can provide penetration to a partner completely hands-free. Especially great for those with limited or painful physical movement, you can lie on your back and have your partner ride, also allowing them to control the depth and speed!

Massage Wands:

We-Vibe Wand Cordless Rechargeable Massage Wand

Massage wands are powerful vibrators with a long handle, that often offer more rumbly vibrations on any part of the body you choose to enjoy it on! The longer handle sometimes comes curved or angled for ergonomic manoeuvring and also allows it to be controlled while lying on top of it.

Thigh Strap-Ons:

Sportsheets Thigh Strap-On

Just as it sounds, this unique style of strap-on attaches to the thigh for an alternative way to enjoy penetration play. Most of the work can be done by the rider (if need be) and many can be swapped out with other dildos/pieces of preference.

Once again, just because it is called a “thigh strap-on”, doesn’t mean the fun stops there. Get creative with other limbs too or even by attaching it around a pillow for solo play!

Liberators & Sex Pillows:

Liberator Black Label Wedge & Ramp Combo Black

Liberator is a brand that makes pillows and furniture specifically for sex; some even have bondage play built-in! They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that are custom made for reaching those hard positions and simply making sex more comfortable.

Liberator Hipster Curved Position Aid

Liberators and many other sex pillow brands use a firm material in the core that withholds its shape, especially when you’re on top of it. Whether you’re in for a quickie or an extended session, you’re sure to stay comfortable with one of these.

Prostate Surgery Products:

Adam & Eve Adam's Flexskin Hollow Strap-On

Hollow strap-ons are a unique type of strap-on that features a hollow dildo instead. Penis owners can insert themselves while flaccid, and it gives their member a firmness and feel which can then be used to penetrate a partner.

Bathmate HydroMax7 Penis Pump Clear

Penis pumps are a device that can be used to pump the blood to the penis, resulting in an erection, that can then help to be maintained through the use of a cock ring. There are two main pump designs that utilize different types of pressure to pump the blood flow; air and water.

Remote Control Toys:

We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Bluetooth Clitoral Vibrator Aqua

For easier manipulation during solo play in any position, try a remote control toy. Alternatively, they can also be handed off to someone else to control if you become fatigued or just for fun!

Most remotes are considered close-range as they typically only operate within a certain amount of distance. However, more modern toys actually have apps that allow the toy to be controlled from a device anywhere around the world!

Sex Swings:

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing White

Sex swings are another way to achieve positions easier as they take the weight off of one or both of you when you are suspended in the air or against a door. They also allow for deeper penetration angles, more comfortable oral sessions, and an overall comfier experience!

Remember to be careful if you or your partner require any lifts in and out of the swing. If you can, try using a swing closer to the bed, a couch, etc. for an easier sliding transition!


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