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Calling all advanced anal players! Looking for something a little more ful-FILL-ing?
October 23, 2020

Calling all advanced anal players! Are you bored with the “intro” beads & plugs? Looking for something a little more ful-FILL-ing? Here are some anal toys to take your play to a new and exciting level.

Bigger Plugs & Dildos

Tantus Fist Trainer Dildo

We’re sure you probably know your way around a plug by now, so step up the stretch with a bigger plug or (anally-safe) dildo! Ones that are larger in both length and width/girth, require you to accommodate more toy, and quicker!

Tantus Cone Anal Trainer Plug Large

Staying true to familiar plug design, some are still tapered at the top/tip to offer an easier insertion and lets you work your way down to the toy to a comfortable stretch.

Thicker Beads

Falcon Large Anal Balls

Anal beads - or balls when they’re this big - can be used similarly to most other anal beads in the sense that you can continuously insert one bead/ball at a time until you are satisfied!

Tunnel Plugs

Pipedream Anal Fantasy Elite Glass Gaper Tunnel Plug

Tunnel plugs combine the firm feel you love in a plug with the added accessibility of an open-ended design! This opens up the possibilities for manual stimulation, fluids to pass through, and not to mention an exciting “wide-open” (“ass-gaping”) view.

Inflatable Plugs

Zero Tolerance Shape Shifter Inflatable Butt Plug

Some butt plugs offer an inflatable feature that allows you to insert it at a smaller size, and then you can control how big it gets once inside. Filling you up from the inside out, most inflatable plugs work by either using a manual pump-ball style, or automatically with a button.

Fisting Toys

XR Brands Master Series Fisto Clenched Fist Dildo

For the ultimate in ass-filling fun, try a fisting toy! Not only are they thicker and longer than most dildos, many are actually designed to mimic the proper hand configurations for fisting; including the “duck” and the full clenched fist.

Expanding Plugs

Pipedream Anal Fantasy Insta-Gaper Butt Plug & Cal Exotics Colt Large Expander Plug

Similar to inflatable plugs, expandable plugs are also inserted at a smaller size and then open up to a fuller feeling; however they do so in a different way. While an inflatable plug delivers the stretch slowly, an expanding plug opens up as soon as it passes through the anal sphincters, filling you up faster!

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