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Accessories for Sexier Stroking

Whether you prefer to stroke with your hand or with a toy - here are some ways to upgrade your next stroking session!
Emily Zawadzki
September 11, 2020

Warming Lubricant

Wicked Sensual Care Toy Fever Warming Gel Lube

While stroking is better with a lubricant, it is way better with a warming one! With friction, these types of lubes heat up and provide a warming sensation on the skin. When used inside of a stroker, it can also help to mimic the warm wetness of whatever orifice your stroker is; ass, vagina, or mouth!

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Pro Tip: Look for a bottle that features a spout - this way you can insert it directly into a toy, without the mess!

A Basic Stroker

Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice Masturbator

To give your hands a break, try a stroker! Basic ones like the one pictured above can be small, discreet, and universally designed. Many are textured on the inside for different sensations as it moves up and down the penis and can be used by you or on you by a partner.

Adam & Eve Adam's Stroker Trio Set

Alternatively, if you have an orifice of preference, there is also a wide variety of realistic strokers in the form of mouths, vaginas, and butts. They are used the same way, however can provide more of a realistic experience.

A Cock Ring

Oxballs Big Ox Cock Ring Assorted Colours

Try wearing a cock ring the next time you stroke! A cock ring constricts the blood flow to the penis for a harder and more intense feeling erection. Feel the difference in your own hands or feel it with every thrust as you stroke away.

To pick out the perfect ring for your cock, check out our shopping guide!

Stroking Masturbation Cream

System Jo BUCKED Smokey Wrangler Scented Masturbation Cream

For manual stroking (with the hands and not a toy), try a masturbation cream! Designed specifically for solo and partnered stroking, these types of products are applied as a cream and with friction of the hands, warms and melts into an oil-like consistency for chafe-free stroking!

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A Specialty Stroker

Pipedream Extreme Mega-Bator Pussy Hands-Free Masturbator

Upgrade that basic stroker to one that can provide you with even more pleasure! In both neutral and realistic designs, look for a stroker with added features and functions such as vibration, rotation, suction, hands-free options, and more!

Fleshlight Girls Ana Foxxx Velvet: Custom Anal Masturbator

If there’s an adult film star you’re particularly fond of, there’s a pretty good chance you can find a stroker molded directly after them and their parts. From vaginas to butts and even feet, there is sure to be a stroker to suit your preferences.