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Sex Store Etiquette

For many folks, going into an adult store like Stag Shop can bring about a variety of mixed feelings.
September 16, 2020

For many folks, going into an adult store like Stag Shop can bring about a variety of mixed feelings. Whereas some may be regulars there to see what’s new, others might be shopping at one for the first time. It is common to have questions about privacy, boundaries, products and more. Hopefully this guide on sex store etiquette can answer some and/or all of these concerns!

Employee Interactions

There is no denying that sex store employees provide a whole different world of customer service that revolves around a controversial topic; sex. While we are there to provide education and knowledge, it is important to remember that we are not medical professionals nor do we offer sexual services at any of our locations.

To be able to find the best product(s) for YOU, it is likely that staff will want to discuss with you some potentially personal information. It is important to remain open-minded to the types of probing questions a staff could ask and remember that you never have to answer or disclose anything that you don’t want to!

Alternatively, you may want to ask a sales associate questions about their experiences with certain types of products. While some may be comfortable in discussing, just as customers have the right to disclose or not, so do our staff members. These types of boundaries are important to have in place for both you, our customers, as well as our employees.

Since we do deal with such a sensitive topic for many, the biggest thing to remember is simply, respect. All of our store locations as well as our web store are an inclusive and open space for people and couples of ALL identities to shop and learn!

What To Know Beforehand

While we’re not saying you should have all the answers, knowing some of these things can help with the possible overwhelm when you’re looking at all of your options!

  • Where on the body are you looking to stimulate and how?
  • Do you have a general idea of the sizing and materials you prefer?
  • Would you like a toy that vibrates?
  • If you’re shopping for lingerie - do you have any colours or styles you prefer?

Try to think creatively and don’t always listen to the packaging - just because a toy was designed for a certain activity or body part, doesn’t mean that’s the only way to use it!

What To Expect

At least here at Stag Shop, we strive for a store environment that radiates inclusion, education, sexual wellness, and of course fun! We have many things across our store locations that reflect this including classes & events, educational brochures written by our resident sex educator, and now in the times of COVID-19; government-regulated sanitary procedures.

Across all of our retail locations as well as on the web store, our sales staff are there to educate and help you shop! We have been trained to know the products as well as how to find the best one(s) to suit your personal needs.

Return Policy

One thing that often sets apart a sex store from other retail stores - besides all of the sex toys - is the return policy. Due to the nature of the items we sell, many adult stores (us included) have fairly strict return & exchange policies to keep everyone safe! You can read a detailed version of our policy here.

As we slowly transition back to in-store shopping, knowing this sex store etiquette will ensure you have the most pleasurable shopping experience with us!

You can find all of our store locations here!


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