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All About Anal Dildos

What better time than Anal August to talk all about anal dildos!
August 22, 2023

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While you may think that all dildos are the same and therefore safe to stick up your butt, unfortunately, that’s just not true! 

An anal dildo specifically is sometimes designed for, but more importantly is safe for anal play. Typically, this means that it has a flared base that is bigger than the width of the shaft so that it can act as a stopping point for anal muscles that really like to suck things inside!

A Suction-Cup Base

kingock-6-inch brown1-1

King Cock Vibrating Realistic Cock 6" Brown

Since the booty is harder to reach when you’re on your own, an anal dildo that has a suction-cup base can help you to ride solo. They also give you more control over the insertion, the depth, and the speed!

For Prostate Play

ouch 6 inch smooth pegging dildo-j

Ouch by Shots Toys 6" Silicone Dildo Gunmetal

For those with a prostate, you may want to consider a dildo that is smaller in length and has a more angled shaft, to better reach and stimulate this nerve-rich hotspot.



Strap-on-Me Curious Leatherette Harness Bronze

Pegging is the sexual act of anally penetrating someone with a strap-on dildo (sometimes a strapless strap-on) and since everyBODY has a butt, folks of all genders and sexual orientations can enjoy it! 

What makes most dildos strap-on harness compatible is that they have an extra-wide base (sometimes also seen as a suction-cup) that can snugly sit inside the o-ring that is used by most harnesses.

During pegging, some folks may also choose to stimulate the prostate if the receiver has one. However, for most folks, the fun of pegging comes from anal stimulation in general and exploring power dynamics.

NO Double Dipping!

double dipping french fry gif

In bodies that have a vulva, it’s important to not be double dipping the dildo from the anus into the vagina! There is so much bacteria in the booty (hello, poop lives there!) that you do not want getting into the vagina which could disrupt the natural pH levels and possibly result in infection.

Use A Condom

one ultra premium lubricated latex condom-1

ONE Pleasure Plus Lubricated Latex Condom

Just because it’s a dildo, doesn’t mean you can’t also be safe!💁🏻‍♀️

There are many reasons you may want to use a condom over a dildo (especially an anal one):

  • Anal bacteria - As we just mentioned, the booty has bacteria, and for some folks, a condom can alleviate anxiety about any possible lingering bacteria on the toy.

    Pssst…the material of your dildo may also influence your decision if you want to use a condom or not as some are more porous than others. For example, a condom pretty much always should be used with jelly toys because those cannot be 100% cleaned!

  • If sharing with a partner - Especially with a partner you aren’t fluid bonded with, you can simply switch out the condoms for each of you and you’re good to go!

  • If you did wanna double dip - Maybe you just know that dildo will feel great in both holes and if that’s the case; use a condom for the anal bit, then take it off before using it vaginally!


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