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Pain-Free Kink Play!

When you hear the words “BDSM” or “kink” - does pain come to mind!?
Emily Zawadzki
August 24, 2023

While that can be a part of the play for some folks, here are other, pain-free ways to explore BDSM!

1. Sensory play


Sex & Mischief Feather Tickler Assorted Colours

On the complete other end of the sensory spectrum, if you don’t want to play painfully, try a lighter touch with something like a flogger or feather tickler. When combined with a blindfold or mask, the body can be even more receptive to these sensually teasing tools.

2. Role-playing

role-playing gif

Since players are always in full control of the fantasy or scene, you can choose exactly how to play! Plan to keep your scene on the softer side as you communicate and share your fantasies together.

3. Explore restraints

scandal 8 points of love bed restraint

Scandal 8 Points of Love Bed Restraint System

you don't even have to use cuffs either if you find those to be too intense! Rope, harnesses, and bondage tape can all work to keep you (or a playmate) all tied up.

4. Switch up your sexual roles

GOT surrender gif

For some folks, the fun in BDSM comes from switching up your sexual roles and/or exploring new ones together. There are a multitude of ways this can be done pain-free including:

5. Take your play public


Lovense Hush 2 Bluetooth Vibrating Butt Plug Black

If you’re into that “no one knows we’re up to something naughty” kind of kink, try taking your play public too in the form of app-controlled toys, games and more you can read about in our previous blog post!