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Anal August Series: Anal Beads

Welcome to #AnalAugust 2020 - today we move onto part three...with anal beads!
Emily Zawadzki
August 19, 2020

Stay tuned to the blog throughout August for our Ultimate Anal Sex Toys Guide! Pssst...have you already checked out part one yet about anal kits and douches, or part two about butt plugs?

Today we move onto part three...with anal beads!

Beaded Bliss

Adam & Eve Silicone Butt Beads

Anal beads generally consist of a string of connected beads, with the next bead being slightly bigger than the last as they increase in size. As with all anal toys, they will also end with a stopper, loop, or handle for safety and easy maneuvering. Anal beads make a great toy for anal newbies for several different reasons and most are actually marketed towards “beginners” with smaller sized beads being the industry norm.

The most commonly known way to use beads is to insert them and gently pull them out one by one as you are climaxing for an even more intense release. However, you can use them in whichever way is most pleasurable to your body.

NS Novelties Firefly Pleasure Anal Beads

Beads are an ideal beginner anal tool as you can get used to the sensation of anal stimulation with ease by inserting one small bead at a time and stopping at whichever sized bead is most comfortable - even if that is only the first few! Try incorporating beads into your next solo session so that you can get used to the sensations and explore what works and what doesn’t for your body. Then, when you are ready to incorporate them into partnered sex, you’ll be able to guide someone else on how best to use them on you.

Compared to the other popular anal toy - the butt plug - anal beads provide a completely different sensation. Whereas plugs provide a constant, stretched, and/or fullness feeling to the anal canal, beads really only stimulate the nerve endings in the sphincter as you pull them in and out. When left inside, you’ll notice them a bit (kind of like an internal massage), however the feeling won’t be your main focus as a butt plug would.

The Beaded Breakdown

Pipedream Anal Fantasy Deluxe Vibro Balls Anal Beads

As mentioned previously, anal beads generally consist of a string of graduated beads - however there are several other things to consider as well. For many, the graduated sizes of beads are the way to go, especially if being used for the reasons above (beginners & explorers). But for those who are accustomed to and enjoy their anal play, anal beads can also be found with bigger beads/balls, and/or a string of balls/beads all the same size instead.


Adam & Eve Vibrating Bumpy Bead Set Teal

Another option is the length; whereas most are on the longer, stringier side of things, some can be seen in “plug” form. This will look like a typical plug shape but instead of a tapered or slim design of the shaft, it is beaded with 2-3 spheres of either graduating sizes or the same. This makes them more of a “hybrid” toy that provides you with the best of both worlds of a plug and anal beads!

b-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads

Some anal beads offer vibrating options that can add some stimulation! The nerve endings around the anal opening are incredibly sensitive and vibration can add some intensity while also helping the sphincter muscles to relax.

Beyond The Beads

cinderella mice with beads

When looking for anal beads, try to avoid those that are connected by a fabric or nylon string as these materials are porous and even with perfect cleaning, trapped bacteria can still be lingering around.

Cal Exotics Scandal BDSM Rope Black

Anal beads can be used as a form of Dominant & submissive play too - you can have your partner control when they are inserted/removed, how many beads at a time, etc.

Stag Shop Water-Based Anal Gel 4oz

As with all anal play, lube is a must! Even if you know you’re only going to be inserting that first bead - still lube it up beforehand.