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Summer Getaway Lingerie

Whether you’re headed to the beach, a cabin, or just the pool this summer, don’t forget to pack these summer lingerie essentials!
August 14, 2020

Bra & Panty Set

Coquette 7233X

Resembling a classic two-piece bikini, a bra & panty set can feel even lighter on those hot summer days! Lounge around by the pool, get your tan on, or even use them as a comfy & breathable pj set at night.

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Coquette Long Kimono Black/Floral

No matter what you’ve got going on underneath - a bra & panty set, an actual swimsuit, or nothing at all - a robe instantly adds elegance and flare! Pair it with a floppy sun hat and bask near the pool like the sun Goddess that you are.

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Coquette 7094

The great thing about teddies is that they are pretty much guaranteed to look good under anything high waisted, such as jeans, shorts, or a skirt. They also tend to easily resemble one-piece swimsuits for discretion, especially trendy styles with cut-out and strappy designs!

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Coquette 7252

For when it's just too hot - even for the lightest of lingerie - enjoy some topless time with nipple pasties. They cover just the nipple, allowing you to feel the easy and breezy freedom. With a wide variety of shapes and designs, you can match your pasties to the rest of your outfit or even your mood!

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Maxi Skirt

Coquette 7184

A summer staple, the maxi skirt is a classic garment that can be dressed up or worn down. Our lingerie-based maxi skirts are no different and are the perfect way to add a little something without having to do a whole lot.

Depending on the style, some can even look like a swimsuit wrap for discretion, allowing it to flow perfectly over swimsuits and teddies alike.

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