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Anal Lubes We Love!

Here are some of the anal lubes that we here at Stag Shop find to be just peachy.
August 31, 2021

Lubricant is essential to any and all types of anal play since the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina is. What makes a lube ideal for anal is a thicker consistency that creates a barrier thicker than that of a typical water-based formula. Since it is thicker, it will also stay on the body/toy for a longer period of time, not being absorbed into the skin as quickly. Some anal lubes can feature relaxers which can be a better alternative to numbing. Despite being marketed specifically for anal play though, anal lubricants are great for anyone who simply wants a thicker barrier of lube!

Here are some of the anal lubes that we here at Stag Shop find to be just peachy.

1. Wicked Jelle

Wicked Sensual Care Jelle Water Based Anal Gel

One of our best-selling anal lubes, Wicked Sensual’s Jelle boasts a thick, water-based formula with an almost gel-like viscosity. It also comes in both a warming and cooling version for any temperature play enthusiasts!

They’ve also included olive leaf extract and aloe leaf juice to enrich sensitive tissues, improving the skin elasticity and improving the anal experience for both partners.

2. Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy Anal Lubricant

Swiss Navy’s silicone-based lubricant uses natural clove oil to help relax the anal opening and muscles. Just like with all silicone lubes, don’t forget that it isn’t compatible to use with toys made of silicone!

3. Intimate Earth Mojo

Intimate Earth Mojo Water-Based Anal Relaxing Glide 4oz.

If you were looking for a water-based version of a relaxing anal lube, try Intimate Earth’s Mojo! It also uses the natural muscle-relaxing properties of clove oil to help prevent your backdoor from tightening too much or even closing up completely. As an added boost, it contains aloe and lemongrass for their naturally soothing effect.

4. Sensuva Ultra-Thick Silicone

Sensuva Ultra-Thick Silicone Personal Moisturizer 3oz

Sensuva’s ultra-thick version of a silicone lube makes it last even longer...which says a lot because silicone lube in general is already known for being incredibly long-lasting!

5. Intimate Earth Soothe

Intimate Earth Soothe Anal Lubricant Various Sizes

Slightly thicker than your average water-based formula, Intimate Earth’s plush Soothe lube contains extracts of naturally antibacterial guava bark for added protection of the anal opening and canal.


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