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Behind The Brand: Fun Factory

Today we’re getting a little up close & personal with one of our best-selling brands; Fun Factory!
September 27, 2023

Today we’re getting a little up close & personal with one of our best-selling brands; Fun Factory!

Behind The Brand

At Fun Factory, they are the pioneers in playfulness. For over 20 years, they’ve created toys that inspire sexual exploration — and they make them well, so your mind is free to focus on the FUN.

Their products are responsibly manufactured in Germany, with fair labor practices and a tiny carbon footprint, because they know that ethics are sexy! Encouraging exploration with a collection of versatile toys that has something for every body, Fun Factory is here to make sure that they have fun while making the toys that help you have fun.😏

The History

Brand_Dirk Bauer Michael Pahl_Generic_1

In 1996, recent engineering grads Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl sat down at Dirk’s kitchen table with a sketch pad and some Play-Doh to design the first ever body-safe, non-phallic, harness-compatible dildo: the PADDY PENGUIN (you can probably take a guess what it was shaped as).

If you didn’t go to adult stores in the early nineties, believe us: the landscape was dire. Imagine piles of beige, realistic dildos made of mystery rubber, each giving off a chemical smell. If that wasn’t your jam, you didn’t have a lot of options. Dirk and Michael decided that they could do a lot better — and so, Fun Factory was born.


Since then, they’ve moved from a kitchen table to an eco-friendly, fair labor factory in Bremen, Germany that creates toys for bedrooms all around the world.

The Originals in Innovation

Fun fact about Fun Factory - they were actually the FIRST to make sex toys with medical grade silicone!


Here are some of their other impressive industry stats:

  • They were the first to make a waterproof and rechargeable vibe (combined)
  • They were the first brand to win a mainstream design award
  • They’ve created multiple entirely new product categories, such as being the first to be a “high end sex toy” brand.

The German Difference


You know that Fun Factory toys are designed and manufactured in Germany, but do you know what makes their German engineering so special? Take a look at all of the little features that add up to a BIG difference.

Body-Safe Materials

Fun Factory uses the highest quality German silicone, hand-mixing it with body-safe dye in their own facilities. Each silicone toy is hand-finished, using no toxic chemicals…after all, it’s part of their history!

It’s not just the silicone. Their toys’ plastic components are made of medical grade materials and the chrome accents are coated with a thin layer of clear plastic, for a safe, no-flake finish.

Precision Fit

See where the silicone meets the handle? Their quality control staff makes sure that every toy has a tight seam, so there’s no danger of it collecting gunk. (Gross!)

Push My Buttons

Lady Bi_Still_Generic_1

Fun Factory’s three-button-max design makes controlling your toy simple and intuitive. The raised buttons are easy to find and press without looking, even when you have lube on your hands.

Staying Power

Unlike glossy silicone, which lube drips right off of as soon as you apply it, Fun Factory’s lightly textured silicone holds lube, so you can apply less and have a more comfortable, longer-lasting experience.


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