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Meet The Dripstick!💦

Cum and take a look at one of the newest sexual health items to arrive at Stag Shop; the Dripstick!
Emily Zawadzki
September 20, 2023

dripstick packaging-j

The Dripstick—aka the cum sponge—is the original and first of its kind after-sex sponge for absorbing excess cum.

dripstick gif-g

Say goodbye to endless wiping, soggy underwear, and wet spots on the sheets because this super soft, medical-grade polyurethane sponge quickly soaks up gooey leftovers to eliminate drippy discomfort.


It has a handle for easy grip & NO additives or fragrances.

What it’s NOT:

❌a form of birth control
❌protection against STIs
❌the same as a tampon
❌for your booty

How To Use


1. Slowly and carefully insert the sponge into the vagina, maintaining a grip on the handle. 
2. Gently twirl sponge while inserted in the vagina.
3. Use the handle to slowly and carefully remove the sponge from the vaginal canal.
4. Throw into the garbage.

reel cover photo
It may not be for everybody, but it’s here for those who want it! Want to see more of the Dripstick!? Check out our video over on Instagram!