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Best Lubes For Solo Play

However you like to get down with your bad self, here are some lubricants that create the perfect pleasurable pairing!
Emily Zawadzki
May 20, 2021

1. Wicked Toy Love

Wicked Sensual Care Toy Love Gel Lube 3oz

Created specifically to be used with internal toys, this water-based lube boasts a thicker, gel-like consistency that stays on the toy and on the body longer. They even have it in a sample size for you to try it out, or for easy travelling with your favourite toys.

Sensuva G How I Adore You G-Spot Enhancement Gel

Pro Tip: If you’re a vulva owner looking to stimulate your G-spot, try an enhancement gel such as the Sensuva one pictured above. Applied directly to the G-spot, it helps it to become more pronounced and accessible during play.

2. A Warming OR Cooling Lube

Fleshlight Fleshlube Ice Cooling Water Based Lubricant

Who says that you only have to experience or explore temperature play with a partner? Cool things down and/or heat things up solo by using a warming or cooling lubricant!

Pro Tip: For a more realistic sensation, try a warming lube inside of your stroker/masturbator.

3. Stag Shop This is Lube

Stag Shop This is Lube Water-Based Lubricant

Many folks prefer a hybrid lubricant because they typically are more long-lasting and not as sticky as a water-based lube, yet safe with all toy materials and easier to clean off the body than a silicone lube. It’s the best of both worlds!

As you can probably tell from the cheeky name, This Is Lube boasts a white, creamy consistency mimicking that of cum (ejaculate), which can be added as a fun fantasy element to any squirting dildo.

4. Intimate Earth Anal Ease

Intimate Earth Anal Ease Silicone Glide

For those exploring anal play on their own, Intimate Earth’s Anal Ease silicone-based lube has a natural relaxing (but not numbing!) ingredient to help get you used to the sensations. Since our bodies use pain to communicate with us, it’s important to not numb the booty so that you can feel and adjust as you go.

A thicker lubricant - like silicone or a gel - will stay in place on the body and/or toys for longer. This makes it easier to re-apply when playing solo AND we can’t forget that the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina is, making lube a necessity!

Intimate Earth Mojo Natural Prostate Stimulating Gel 1oz

Pro Tip: If you’re a penis owner looking to explore your prostate pleasure solo, try this vegan-friendly gel that increases blood flow to the prostate for a kaleidoscope of intense feelings & sensations!

5. Wicked Masturbation/Stroking Cream

Wicked Sensual Care Masturbation Creme for Men 4oz

Take any stroking session to the next level with this coconut oil-based lube that starts as a cream and then melts into a thin and non-greasy liquid lube. It helps with the friction of any skin-to-skin including when stroking the penis, nipples, clitoris, labia, perineum, and more!