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Making The Most of Your Stroker

Here are some fun ways that can help you to really make the most of your masturbator or stroker each and every time.

Warm It Up

Doc Johnson Main Squeeze Masturbator Warming Device & Fleshlight Accessories Sleeve Warmer

Designed specifically to be inserted into a stroker, a warming stick is a device that helps to warm up the internal chamber of your stroker before you insert yourself. Another way to achieve this effect is with a warming lube! When used inside of a stroker, it can also help to mimic the warm wetness of whatever orifice your stroker is.

Pro Tip: Look for a bottle that features a spout - this way you can insert it directly into a toy, without the mess!

Try A Realistic Design

Pipedream Extreme Dirty Talk Interactive Mini Fuck Me Silly Masturbator

While some strokers are designed to be universal and more discreet, others boast a more realistic design with orifices including butts, mouths, and vaginas. This can add an element of fantasy and/or role-play to your stroking fun, whether alone or with a partner!

Use it With a Partner

Cal Exotics Sue Johanson Head Honcho Stroker Clear

If stroking with a partner, try looking for one that is clear in colour so that you can both get a live-action view of what’s going on inside! An open-ended stroker can easily enhance the sensation of any handjob or blowjob.

Explore Different Textures

Pipedream Extreme PDX Plus Perfect DD's Masturbator Brown

Strokers often come with a textured chamber that adds to the sensations with each thrust. However, not all of these textures are the same! Some are ribbed, some feature massage beads, and others use specifically placed pockets of air to create a suction effect.

Psssst: Is your stroker open-ended or closed-ended? This can affect how the toy feels, how you use it, and how you clean it.

Explore Hands-Free Options

Pipedream Extreme PDX Elite Deluxe Mega-Bator Masturbator

Keep your hands free for something else fun with one of these products that mounts your stroker so that you don’t have to hold onto it. This also allows you to thrust into it more fully with your body, rather than moving it up and down manually.

Liberator Top Dog Fleshlight Mount Black

Most brands were designed to be used with their own line of strokers, but not always! Typically they feature a suction-cup base that can be attached to any smooth & flat surface, however, the Liberator mount (pictured above) is its own free-standing mount.

Try Edging

Zolo Warming Dome Rechargeable Vibrating & Heating Stroker Black

Edging is where you bring yourself to the point of orgasm and then you stop completely, slowly building back up again. I know, it sounds cruel, but the release is often way more intense when it ultimately happens. Over time, edging can also help you to increase your overall orgasm strength and control.


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