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Blankets...Just for Sex!

Not just for your comfort, blankets can be a great addition to any sexual encounter! Here’s why everyone should have a designated sex blanket.
November 22, 2022

Liberator Fascinator Throw Blanket in Assorted Colours

We define a “sex blanket” as one that is designated to use just for your sexual activities; both solo and/or with a partner. It doesn’t have to be a blanket per se either, towels work too! The choice is yours and can range from something you already have lying around the linen closet to a more luxurious sex throw.

Okay, but why have one?

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1. Portability

For sexy stuff anywhere (including when you travel), a towel or blanket can be brought with you wherever you have your fun; in the car, on the floor, the airbnb mattress, etc.!

In addition to the portability, it can also keep you clean while you’re getting down and dirty somewhere such as on the ground.

2. The visual representation/association

If you have something designated for sex, that you bring out every time you do sexy stuff, eventually, just the sight of that blanket will have you feeling all hot & heavy; that’s just classic conditioning honey!

Having that association can also make for more anticipation in your play, knowing that the fun is happening as soon as you see it come out!

Pro Tip: You can incorporate it into your dirty talk and/or foreplay with a partner too! Such as:

  • Leaving it out somewhere physically to signal time for play
  • Snapping & sending a teasing sext: “Hey babe, look what I’m warming myself up on right now?”
  • Indicating your intentions about its use for later or for something special: “Guess what I’m packing for our weekend getaway?!”

3. Contains any mess

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Especially from bodily fluids and/or sex liquid products, having a designated towel or blanket underneath you protects from any mess possibly getting anywhere else where you might be playing.

Also since it is used only for the sexy stuff, there is some peace of mind for any cleaning junkies or germaphobes out there that everything is contained in one place that can then easily be transported to the washing machine!

4. Speaking of sex liquids…

Since we’re keeping everything contained to the blanket/towel, it also serves as a spot to wipe any wet or lubricated fingers and to place any used toys while you continue on with the fun!

5. Comfort

Now of course for the more obvious reason, a sex blanket can add some comfort to your play session, especially the ones you want to go on for longer. Use it over you as a way to keep warm or for discretion, and/or use it under you for an added layer.

Just consider where you’re going to keep it!

Liberator Fascinator Throw Blanket in Assorted Colours

  • If it’s more discreet looking, you can leave it out somewhere just as you would say for example, a throw blanket or a towel hanging up in the bathroom.

  • If you choose to put it away, think about keeping things altogether by storing it with the rest of your sexy items like toys, lingerie, liquids, etc.
P.S. Don’t forget to wash it after every use!


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