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Why You Should Have Multiple Vibrators in Your Collection

If you don’t already have more than one type of vibrator in your toy collection, let us convince you to add some more!
November 17, 2022

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Often categorized by where on the body they were designed to stimulate (clitoral, G-spot, sometimes both), vibrators can be used by anyone to deliver the good vibes - and pleasure!

There are probably hundreds of thousands of different vibrators on the market today, mainly because while a vibrator is universal in use, it’s not quite a one size fits all situation! Not all vibrators are the same, in fact there are many different types that were designed to be used in a variety of different ways or on different parts of the body.

Which is why if you currently only own one or two different vibrators (btw it doesn’t count if you have the same type, such as two bullets), you may not be reaching your full pleasure potential.

Different motors = different types of vibration

Onyxxx Sensia Bullet Vibrator Black & We-Vibe Tango X Bullet Vibrator Midnight Blue

If you’ve ever tried more than one vibrator, you probably know that not all vibrations feel the same. Different motors within the toy as well as the materials they are made from can alter the way the vibrations travel through the body.

In the business, we typically classify vibrations into two types; rumbly and buzzy. Both feel great and are popular choices for many folks but they feel quite different. Buzzy vibrations (like the Onyxxx Sensia pictured above) are felt closer to the surface of the skin and can feel more tingly or ticklish since they don’t dive too deep. Rumbly vibrations on the other hand, are often more powerful and felt deeper within the body, such as the We-Vibe Tango X also pictured above.

Pro Tip: Unfortunately, most products don’t advertise how a toy feels. If you’re shopping in one of our stores, you can ask one of our staff for recommendations or to test a vibe on the skin. If you’re shopping here online, pop into our chat in the bottom right corner and we’ll be able to help you out!

Backups on Backups

NS Novelties Firefly 6-Inch Vibrating Massager

Once you find a type or brand of vibrator that you LOVE and you know works best for your body, try to find similar ones that you can get a backup of, because unfortunately, all good things do come to an end. Even if you have a great quality vibe, eventually (and it could be 15 years down the road) it is going to probably die on you at some point.

No need to be sad though! If you have your backups ready, you’ll never have to be disappointed if your go-to toy comes to a full stop one day. The same goes for any heat-of-the-moment stuff too! If your toy suddenly loses charge or stops working right when you need it most, you can still finish with your second - or third, or fourth - runner up!

Explore different sensations & stimulation

Jack Rabbit Signature Heated Rotating G Rabbit Purple

In addition to providing different types of vibrations, some vibrators were specifically designed to be used on different parts of the body such as anal vibrators, dual vibrators that simultaneously stimulate internally & externally, or penis vibes.

Many vibrators also boast more features than just vibration - like heating, thrusting, rotating, or suction which can all add to, enhance, or simply switch up the sensations and how you use your vibrator.

The more you know💫

the more you know star gif

As any sex toy connoisseur will tell you, once you start to experience different vibes, not only does it help you to understand your body and preferences more, it also allows you to become more familiar with vibrators in general.

This can be really beneficial when trying to find backups of your favourites like we mentioned earlier! It also helps you to avoid what doesn’t work for you and provides you with more information to be a better, more informed sex toy consumer overall.


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