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Celebrate Pride Without The Party!

While some folks love a good party and/or parade, that isn’t the only way to celebrate Pride month amongst your queer peers!

Although it has grown to become a popular part of many pride events around the world, the parade or party scene isn’t for everyone.

Not every queer is a party queer; some of us love a good brunch, a drag show, a crafting circle, a DnD game, a book club, a video GAYming group, or hell even all of the above! (🙋🏻‍♀️)

If you’re not about the party or the social commitment that can come with #Pride, that doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate! Here are some ways you can celebrate this month…and tbh the rest of the year too!

1. Check out other pride events your city has going on

A lot of the time, in addition to a parade or the parties, there are family-friendly (aka for kids) events, concerts, marches, drag shows, social meetups, game nights (like bingo!), and more!

If you’re not sure where to find this information, a good place to start is the events calendar on your city’s website or social media.

2. Watch queer movies

modern family movie night gif

Grab your partner, friends, and/or pets and snuggle up with a good ol’ queer movie. Covering a vast amount of movie genres, they can be romantic, funny, spooky, inspiring, sporty, cheesy, and definitely emotional!

Pssst…movies not your thing? That’s okay! That’s not the only type of content to enjoy - think music, podcasts, tv shows, TikTok & YouTube creators, authors, and more.

3. Support your local LGBTQ+ organizations

If you don’t already know about them, check out your local LGBTQ+ organizations and support them either financially, over social media, volunteering, or by getting involved in other ways.

4. Learn your history!

queer history lesson gif

I hope you know that Pride wasn’t always a party, babe!

What’s the point of celebrating if you don’t even know what you’re celebrating for or why!? Get Googling and find out what Pride Month is really all about!🌈

Pssst…not sure where to start? Search up some of the beautiful & inspirational humans pictured above!

5. Talk to your LGBTQ+ friends

If they’re willing to chat (because some people have a complicated relationship with their queerness or their experiences), get to know their story, learn more about their perspective as a queer person, or perhaps find out what Pride/Pride Month means to them personally. 

Whether as an ally or as another queer person, this can open up the door for some great conversations!

6. Rock a (rainbow) flag

rainbow flag waving gif

Did you know that there are several different flags - other than the rainbow - that were designed for many different identities within the community!? Choose the right one(s) for you and put it on you, your property, your car, or even your desk at work; it all represents love, equality, and of course Pride.

If you’re an ally, proudly showing off a rainbow speaks volumes to your LGBTQ friends and strangers. It lets them know that there is hope, support, and that you personally can create a safe, welcoming space.💖

7. Have some hot af queer sex!!!

…I mean, obviously!😍

Have all of the queer sex:

  • With your partner(s)
  • With that FWB you’ve been wanting to call up
  • At a (queer) sex club
  • With someone new (while being safe of course!)


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