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Classic Role-Play Outfits

Happy Halloween! Now is the perfect time of year to get the most use out of those costumes - in and out of the bedroom.
October 28, 2020

What is Role-Playing?

Simply put, role-playing involves pretending to be someone different than you are, usually by dressing up & acting differently. Although we will be talking about it in this post in a sexual context, role-playing is also non-sexual during things like anime cosplay, dungeons & dragons games, murder mystery parties, and more!

Whether you’ve created an alter-ego for yourself or want your partner to pretend to be someone else, it’s all in the fun! So unleash those fantasies and get creative when deciding upon all of the details such as your name, outfit, personality, and how you want the scene to go down!

Regardless of who you choose to play as, don’t forget to add any accessories and set the scene beforehand such as by picking the perfect playlist, rearranging the furniture, having your sex toys laid out & ready to go, etc.!

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To really get into the role, it may be easier to begin with a fantasy you already have, but if you’re feeling like you’re lacking some creativity, no worries - here are some fun, naughty, and classic role-play outfit ideas to help get you started!


Coquette 2629X "Nurse" Chemise OSXL


Coquette 2605 "Cop" Teddy OS


Forum Novelties Witch Hat


Coquette 2625 "French Maid" Teddy Set OS


Coquette 2567X "Schoolgirl" Bra, Skirt, Collar Set OSXL


Forum Novelties Fantasy Cape

Simply add some dollar-store fangs and you’re ready to roll (or bite)!

Football Player/Cheerleader

Coquette 2566X "Football Fan" Crop Top & Booty Short Set OSXL

Mythical Creatures

Coquette M6538 Bull Costume & Coquette D9387 Devil Mask OS


Coquette 2628 "Racer" Romper OS

“Oh, pit crew!”

Biker/Bad "Boy"

Forum Novelties Biker Hat

Masquerade Mystery

Forum Novelties Feathered Raven Mask

Put a fun, themed twist on a classic “strangers meeting for the first time” fantasy!


Coquette D9384 Corset Bra Top


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