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Clitoral Suction Toys Shopping Guide

Taking the sex toy market by storm, clitoral suction and/or air pulsation toys provide unique sensations to the clitoris and wherever else you want to put it!
February 2, 2021

Taking the sex toy market by storm, “clitoral suction” toys were designed to use air pressure and/or pulsation to provide unique sensations to the clitoris, or sometimes even the whole vulva.

Pussy Pumps

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump

While many folks are often referring specifically to air pulsation when talking about clitoral suction toys, pussy pumps are another toy designed for this type of play. They actually provide more of the desired “suction” effect with powerful air pressure that increases the bloodflow to the area it’s placed on.

Either manually with a hand pump or automatically with the touch of a button, pussy pumps create a seal around most of the vulva. The suction enlarges the clitoris and labia for a fuller look while also increasing sensitivity of the area; allowing you to cover more surface area with heightened pleasure!

Air Pulsation Toys

Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion Clitoral Stimulator Silver

These are the types of toys most people mean by “clitoral suction” since many were designed to specifically provide more direct stimulation to the clitoris. The clitoris is an ideal spot for these types of toys because, in most bodies, the clitoris rests under the clitoral hood and becomes more exposed with arousal.

A toy like the one pictured above creates a seal around the clitoral hood and gently targets the clit with air pulsation. The pressure wave stimulation is unique and completely different from the feeling of vibration. While not everyone agrees, the “sucking” sensation is often compared to the feeling of oral sex. That’s not all air pulsation toys can be used for though - try it on the head of the penis and nipples too!

The air pulsation technology will differ slightly from brand to brand, but most feel very similar. The more popular brands like Satisfyer and Womanizer have made their air pulsation toys even more unique with various styles and designs to choose from!

Straight Suction:

Womanizer Classic Clitoral Stimulator Purple

If you’re newer to air pulsation toys in general, ones like the Womanizer Classic can be simpler as they only offer the suction feature, without any of the bells and whistles!

Womanizer Liberty Travel Friendly Clitoral Stimulator Red Wine

Many will include preset speeds of intensity that you can choose from and come in a variety of shapes & sizes; including travel-friendly ones for pleasure on-the-go.

Suction + Vibration:

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

If you’re someone who loves the feeling of vibration, then get ready for one of these dual toys to rock your clit; in two different ways. Many offer the feature to control both functions separately so you can explore what feels best for you.

Pro Tip: Try starting out with just the suction and when you’re getting close to orgasm, fire up the vibration to take you over the top with pleasure!

Suction + Internal:

Womanizer Duo Dual Stimulation Vibrator Blueberry

These styles bring the play internal with a shaft for vaginal and/or G-spot stimulation in addition to the clitoral suction stimulator. Some shafts offer textures, vibration, and more for added pleasure!

Other Fun Features!

Regardless of the type of clitoral suction toy you’re crushing on, here are some fun features to keep an eye out for in general.


Satisfyer Curvy 1 Plus Bluetooth Clitoral Stimulator Bordeaux

If you love it when your toys get as wet as you do, look for one that is waterproof for some underwater fun!

The Shape

Lelo Sila Clitoral Stimulator Aqua

Since clitoral suction toys work best when they create a direct connection with your hottest spots, be sure to pay attention to the shape and size of the head specifically. Every body is different and you may find you have a better fit with an oval one, a circular one, one that sits deeper within the toy, etc.


Satisfyer Curvy 3 Plus Bluetooth Clitoral Stimulator Pink

For even more play options, try a clitoral suction toy that can be app-controlled. Once you pair it to the app by Bluetooth™, you can control it from your phone, play with different vibration patterns, and even have someone else control it long-distance anywhere in the world with an internet connection!


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