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Erogenous Z-OH-nes!

Even if you haven’t heard of the term “erogenous zones” before, you probably have still explored one (or more) whether on your own body or on someone else!
November 11, 2020

Since we all experience them in different ways, the fun part is exploring what they are!

An erogenous zone is any part of the body that produces a sexual response for or arouses you, possibly even leading to orgasm. This often has to do with how many nerve endings are underneath the skin in these areas and how sensitive they are. While the penis and clitoris can be some obvious ones, there are a lot more “hot spots” all over the body that can produce a sexual response for different folks.

Since we are all unique individuals with bodies that can respond to different things, erogenous zones are not universal; meaning that while some may be experienced by many, each person will have their own set of spots. The fun part is taking the time to explore (whether on yourself or on a partner) what they are and how to best stimulate them for pure pleasure!

Here are some common erogenous zones on the body and different ways to stimulate them!

1. Ears

For many folks, stimulating the ears can be a huge turn-on! Containing sensitive skin and lots of nerve-endings, the lobes, as well as the outer & inner ridges of the ears, can be sucked, licked, and/or rubbed. Add in some warm or cool breath, and because you are right in their ear, don’t forget to play with sounds too, such as moaning or dirty talk.

Pro Tip: If they have any piercings, use your tongue on/over them too!

2. Lips

Kissing, kissing, and more kissing! The soft and sensitive skin on the lips brings pleasure for many when kissing & making out. Using your tongue can make things wetter, while also making the lips more receptive to stimulation. If consented to, use your teeth to playfully nibble on them too!

3. Nipples

This may have been another obvious spot, but the nipples are incredibly pleasurable for many folks, even leading some to orgasm! They can be stimulated manually with the mouth (kissing, licking, sucking, breath) or hands (pulling, squeezing, twisting). For even more detailed information on nipple play, check out our previous blog. There are also a wide variety of nipple toys that are designed to stimulate them.

4. "Inner Areas"

The inner thighs, the forearms, and the armpits are all areas that typically contain softer and more sensitive skin. For vulva havers, the long legs of the clitoris (think a wishbone shape) actually reaches down to the inner thighs too! Stimulate these sensitive areas with kisses, licks, breath, light nibbles, or you could try a teasing pinwheel.

5. Perineum

Also known as the taint, the perineum is the little patch of skin between either the vagina & anus or the testicles & anus that is jam-packed with nerve endings. Many folks enjoy this area to be stimulated with pressure, such as gentle taps with your finger(s) or tongue.

6. Feet

The feet (especially on the bottom) typically have more sensitive skin, which for many results in a ticklish feeling. However, for folks that can get past it, the feet can be a source of an incredibly sensual feeling. Try giving a sensual foot massage, using a tickler or pinwheel on the bottoms of the feet, and/or use your mouth to kiss, lick, suck, and more!

7. Scalp

There’s a reason that having your hair done professionally just feels better; that’s because the scalp is another spot containing super-sensitive nerve endings! Break out that pinwheel again for some tantalizing teasing, or manually stimulate the scalp with your fingertips by gently massaging it, running fingers through the hair, etc.

Pro Tip: Skip the salon and try a sensual hair wash (whether for yourself or someone else) in the shower - lather, rinse, orgasm, repeat!


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