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FAQ's #1: Sex Toys 101

Today, we’re starting off the FAQ series with some of the sex toy basics!
November 6, 2020

We get a lot of questions here at Stag Shop, and some seem to come up more often than others. So we thought we’d create the “Friday FAQ’s” series to roundup and help answer some of YOUR most frequently asked questions as customers!

Today, we’re starting with some of the sex toy basics!

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1. “What is the “best” toy (for insert blank here)?”

So here’s the thing, there is NO such thing as the “best” sex toy - for anything! We are all different and have unique preferences for our pleasure. Some products may be “best-sellers” for us, which means a lot of folks have bought it, but that doesn’t always mean it will be the best item for you.

It helps to know what kind of stimulation you want from a toy (anal, clitoral suction, penis stroker, nipples, etc.) and then do your research to determine which specific type of toy would be “best” for you individually.

2. “Which lube should I use?”

System JO Natural Love Organic Personal Lubricant

Just as there isn’t a best toy for everyone, it’s the same with lubricants! Some are designed and work great for specific things such as anal lube and flavoured lube for oral play, however, most folks will end up having a personal preference as to what formulas feel & work best for them.

You may have to try some lubes that don’t work great with your body at first, and that’s okay! If you have a reaction to a lube, stop use immediately, and take a look at the ingredients. If you can pinpoint what about that specific lube you were sensitive to, you can try to avoid it when looking for the right one.

3. “I’m new to sex toys, where do I begin?”

Zero Tolerance All Powerful Rechargeable Bullet Black

For many folks who are new to sex toys in general, it’s easier to get ideas from a section that isn’t too overwhelming! Toys marketed towards beginners usually come at a cheaper price point so you can “try before you buy” something of a higher quality. Especially for sex toys that are inserted into the body like dildos and anal toys, “beginner” toys can also mean a smaller size.

When starting out and unsure of what to get first, look for a toy that is more universal in its use so that you can experiment! The bullet vibrator, for example, is a good beginner toy for many because it can deliver vibrations & provide pleasurable stimulation anywhere on the body; clitoris, testicles, perineum, head of the penis, nipples, etc.

4. “How do I charge my toy?”

Fun Factory Click n Charge Magnetic Cable & We-Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Toning Balls Coral

For toys that are rechargeable, most have a USB end that can plug into any device block, such as the one you use for your phone or tablet. The other end will depend on the brand and toy, but most are either jack-pin style where it inserts directly into a hole in the toy, or magnetic where it simply clips directly onto the metal ports on the toy.

If your toy is waterproof and uses the jack-pin style of charging cord, you might miss the hole if you don’t look close enough! Usually located at the bottom and/or back of the toy, this little hole will most likely have a seal over it (meaning you might have to push it in harder, or move something aside) and have letters around it, such as “DC”.

Most products will have the charging information in an included manual or display it somewhere on the packaging. If you don't want to keep this - try just taking a picture of the info on your phone instead!

5. “Do I need to use a toy cleaner? Can’t I just use soap?”

Stag Shop Foaming Toy Cleaner Varying Sizes

We get this question (or at least I have personally) ALL the time and yes, you should use a toy cleaner! Rinsing off a toy with just water (even hot water) will remove the fluids from its surface, but doesn’t get rid of the bacteria.

In a pinch and every once in a while, using soap and water is okay for most toys, but making it your go-to method of cleaning could ruin the material over time. Toy cleaners are designed to effectively rid your toy of bacteria while still preserving its life!


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