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FAQ's #9: Kegel Toys

If you have questions about kegel toys, we have the answers!
Emily Zawadzki
July 8, 2022

**As we use anatomical terms throughout this blog, just a quick reminder that the vulva is the entire region of the “female” genitals whereas the vagina is actually just the inside canal part!!*

Most kegel toys are very similar and are used the same way with only a few things that differentiate them, which usually comes down to personal preferences like how many balls come in the set, the material, and if they vibrate

1. Why use a kegel toy?

Lelo Luna Beads Weighted Kegel Beads

You don’t *have* to use a kegel toy to do your kegel exercises (kegels), however, they can help to ensure that the right muscles are being worked and sometimes provide more fun & pleasure to your workout - especially if it vibrates!

2. Do I need to use one with a string?

Icon Brands Medium Weight Silicone Ben Wa Balls

Not at all, but you may find it easier to use - especially if you’re used to tampons! They work very similarly with the string being left out of the body on purpose to be able to pull it out easier when done.

Kegel toys that are loose (not on a string) will provide a slightly different feeling inside of the vagina since they’re free to move around more but can be harder to take out of the body. You may have to bear down a bit, use gravity to your advantage, and use your finger(s) to help take them out!

Pro Tip: Try “hooking” your finger inside of the vagina to kind of “scoop” them out of the body.

3. What do the different weights mean?

We-Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Toning Balls

Some kegel balls advertise their weights or can even come as a kit with interchangeable weights that allows you to customize your kegel routine. They are meant to indicate how much weight you’re actually putting inside of the vagina.

Start out with lighter weights (especially for beginners) and you can work your way up to inserting the heavier ones & keeping them inside of the body (and for longer!) with stronger kegel muscles.

4. Should I use lube with them?

Wicked Sensual Care Toy Breeze Cooling Gel Lube

As with any lubricant, it’s a personal preference! However, we recommend using some - at least when inserting them - for ease and comfort. Lube will also be helpful if you’re working with a kegel toy that is bigger in size and/or has a heavier weight.

Just remember that silicone lube shouldn’t be used with kegel toys made of silicone!

5. What’s the difference between a kegel toy and a dilator?

Cal Exotics Dr. Laura Berman Alena 3-Piece Silicone Dilator Set

Both sexual health & wellness tools, kegel toys and dilators are used for different reasons. Whereas kegel toys are more of a pleasure-based product that can strengthen the entire pelvic floor, dilators specifically target the vaginal opening and the vagina.

Dilators often come recommended by doctors & gynecologists for a multitude of medical (mental and/or physical) conditions that can cause vaginismus; an involuntary tightness of the vagina during attempted penetration. The main goal of using a dilator is to increase comfort with vaginal penetration by reducing any pain as well as increasing and maintaining the elasticity of the vaginal opening.

Did YOU have any more questions about kegel toys?! Leave them in the comments below!