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MORE Kissing Games!

It’s another year of celebrating International Kissing Day with even MORE kissing games; pucker up and get ready to play!

Kissing can be such a fun and sexy foreplay activity for couples that’s often underrated! Let us help you add some more playfulness to your pecks and merriment to your makeout sessions with these kissing games!

1. Secret smooches

margot robbie lip on finger shh gif

This is a perfect game to play when you’re out in public or at a place where you and your partner can sneak away for some smooches!

Either set a numbered goal for yourselves or see how many secret smooches you can get in without getting caught!

2. Kissing cards of hearts

deck of cards showing the suit of hearts

For this game, play with a deck of cards but separate all of the hearts and shuffle.

Take turns picking a card and whichever # you get, that person has to deliver that many kisses to the other person in different places (for example 3 of hearts is 3 kisses in 3 different places).

For the J, Q, and ACE, you can customize them to be whatever you want; additional numbers, a wild card, the receiver gets to decide, etc. Get creative and have fun kissing each other’s body all over!

3. The dice decide

colour changing dice gif

If you don’t have a pair of sex dice - that’s okay you can still play with regular dice and you ACTUALLY get more customization and personalization with your play options!

Assign 6 different types of kisses (peck, butterfly, tongue, sloppy, etc.) to each of the numbers on dice #1 and on dice #2 assign a part of the body to each number (neck, ears, genitals, butt, etc.)

When you roll the two dice together, the dice will decide for you where you’ll be kissing and how!

4. Candy kisses

the office pam holding up candy from desk gif

Choose a fruity candy you both enjoy (like Jolly Ranchers, gummies, or Starburst) and put one in your mouth without showing your partner the flavour. Once it’s finished, kiss your partner and they have to guess which flavour it was!

Pro tip: It can be helpful (and easier!) to cleanse your palate with some water between rounds😉

5. Lip looking

Shunga Edible Body Paint Chocolate

Using edible body paint, draw little hearts or another shape all over your bodies without the other person seeing where (you could even both choose your own shape/design).

Once you’re both done, take turns wearing a blindfold and try to find a design on eachother’s bodies that you can then kiss/lick each off. The first one to find them all, wins!


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