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Get Naked!

July 14th is National Nude Day! Here is why we think you should celebrate the day in your birthday suit.

Unless you live a nudist sort of lifestyle (bonus points if you do!), for many of us, the time spent naked is often limited to showering, changing, and having sex. Although being nude can be a vulnerable, intimidating, and/or insecure experience for many people, it also has some benefits that may just have you wanting to get naked a lot more often!

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1. Get comfortable

If you’re not used to being in the nude, chances are you’re probably going to feel a little awkward or uncomfortable at first - but practice makes perfect right!? Over time, being naked can help you to become more comfortable in your own skin…and if that leads to some increased self-esteem too, we say hell yes!!

2. Connect with your body

This is the perfect time to take a look all around and get to know your body better. Looking at your genitals & other body parts regularly can not only help you to understand your anatomy better, but it also gives you better insight into your health & wellness; if you know what your body’s healthy and “normal” looks like, you can identify if/when anything starts to look or feel “off”.

3. Free your body

Let’s face it, sometimes it just feels good to peel off those jeans, unzip that sweater, and take off your bra and underwear at the end of the day. Regardless of style preferences, clothing can sometimes be uncomfortable…take it off and free your body from its discomfort!

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So how can you be naked MORE?!

Full nudity:

  • Linger a little longer when you’re done in the shower or bath - and procrastinate getting changed afterwards; do your skincare routine, any haircare, etc. while still naked & in front of a mirror.

  • Sleep naked - you’re already comfy & cozy in your sheets anyway so give all of your parts some time and space to breathe while you sleep soundly.

  • Get naked with others - especially if you’re comfortable already and want to be surrounded by other like-minded (and non-clothed) people. Look for places like naked yoga classes, nude beaches, and nudist resorts/hotels!

    Pro Tip: If you’re interested in this idea but a little hesitant…get naked with people you trust first like partner(s) or friends!

  • Go skinny dipping - it’s a perfect way to beat the summer heat and cool off in a pool, a lake, an ocean, or wherever you can find some water & some privacy.

Partial nudity:

We get it, the idea of being completely naked (for any amount of time) can be intimidating and uncomfortable for some. Here are some tips to try to help you get there; one piece of clothing at a time.😉

  • Choose more revealing swimsuits - if you normally go for a one-piece, try a two-piece or ones that feature cut outs, a thong back, etc. If you wear short bottoms, instead go for a brief or even some shorter shorts that show off more skin!

  • Try layering - okay this may sound counterproductive, but hear us out. You can still get the same thrill of taking your clothes off but you have a little bit more to get through before you’re fully in the buff. This can also help you to get used to taking your clothes off without as much pressure to see what’s underneath right away.

  • Wear a cute matching bra & panty set - that way, when you DO take all of your clothes off, you’re left with a look that’s already enticing and can help to amp up your self-esteem before that comes off too!

  • Practice your striptease - whether it’s for someone else or just yourself, try and redirect those feelings of doubt and nervousness into a playful and sexy strip tease instead.

  • Wear a blindfold - especially if you’re trying to get comfortable being naked with others, use a blindfold at first until you’re ready to go without.

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