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Tips For Using Internal Vibrators

Let us give you some tips on taking the good vibrations inside of the body with an internal vibrator!

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An internal vibrator is one that includes a shaft designed for penetration play, G-spot stimulation, and/or to stimulate the inside of the vagina (sometimes providing a “fullness” feeling). There are many things that can differentiate internal vibrators which often comes down to personal preferences.

Some important things to consider are:

  • The material: different materials offer different characteristics
  • Its shape & size: and do you want it to be realistic looking?
  • Sex tech: like thrusting shafts (pictured above) or app-compatibility
  • Special features: do you want it to be waterproof?
  • Textures: shafts with textures - like veins or ridges - (pictured below) provide added sensations as it moves in and out of the body

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1. Just because they’re designed to go inside of the vagina, that doesn’t mean you have to start there.

Since many vulva havers prefer some sort of external body warmup (like the clit or nipples) before insertion/penetration, use the vibrating tip on these areas first for some foreplay and to get the juices flowing!

Pro Tip: The same can be said for anal play! As long as it has a flared base (suction cups and balls count) then it can also be used in the butt.

2. Switch to a dual vibe.

If you’re someone who needs clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm (so many vulva havers fall into this category btw) try opting for a dual vibrator instead. They still offer a shaft for internal stimulation but also feature an external piece that takes care of the clitoris at the same time!

3. Try one in new & different positions.

Whether during masturbation or partnered play, we can often fall into a bit of a routine with positions…lying on your back, being on all fours, etc.

If your vibe has a suction-cup base, this opens you up (pun intended) to many more play places since they often stick to any flat & smooth surface; allowing you to stand up in the shower, ride it cowgirl style, and more!

4. Switch up your lube.

Lubricant not only makes things feel more comfortable but it can actually help you to feel things more in general! A classic water-based lube is a popular choice for many since it’s universal and safe with all toy materials. But have you explored other types of lubes?

Keeping in mind that silicone lube isn’t compatible with toys made of silicone, you can still play with the different sensations that other lubes have to offer. A warming lube can heat things up, a cooling lube can cool you down, and others can offer a thicker cushion between you and your vibe.

Pro tip: Look for a gel that “tightens” the vagina (contracts the vaginal tissue) for more of that “fullness” feeling - regardless of the size of the vibe!


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