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Have You Tried a Couples Sex Kit!?

Calling all couples! You could be beginners to toys or have a full collection already, but have you tried…a sex kit!?
February 16, 2023

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Whether for a special occasion or just because, a couples sex kit may be just what you need to play together - with all of the goodies included!😉

1. They provide a budget-friendly alternative to buying multiple, individual items


If you like to use toys together, trying to build your collection can start to get expensive! Make things a little easier for yourself (and your wallet) with a kit that provides you with multiple types of toys and sensations that you can experiment with on each other and yourselves!

Types of kits to watch for (all pictured above):

  • Vibrator kits with various attachments and pieces
  • A stroker kit with multiple types of orifices or sizes
  • Dildo or strap-on kits with interchangeable dildos or attachments
  • A multiple toy kit with a something for each of you such as a dildo & stroker set

2. You can get themed kits for certain types of activities

Behind Closed Doors "Weekend in Bed III" Tantric Massage Kit

Enhance some of your favourite go-to activities with a kit centralized around a certain type of play or vibe such as: BDSM play, strap-on play, massages, bath/sensual kits, and more!

3. Explore new toys & play together

 cal scandal pony play kit 


On the flip side, you can use a themed kit to explore new types of toys and activities together too!

Types of kits to watch for (all pictured above):

4. They make for a convenient option when travelling

Kama Sutra Couples Getaway Kit

Use a sex kit to bring your favourite items and sexual activities with you wherever you go! Sometimes a storage bag is included in your kit (like the Kama Sutra one pictured above) or you can get your own, or even DIY it with a bag/toiletry organizer you already own.

You can think of your kit sort of as the travel-version for some of your favourite items or activities! If you keep it packed and separate (especially with extras like lube and cleaner), you never have to worry about re-packing them everytime or accidentally forgetting something behind.


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