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How to Build Your OWN Sex Room Part 2: Ideas

Here are some of our ideas for your very OWN sex room!
Emily Zawadzki
September 6, 2022

In case you missed it, check out part one of this series where we go over some of the basics of how to build your own sex room. We continue today with some of OUR ideas to help get you started!

1. A lingerie/dress-up station

Get some mannequins and show off some of your favourite lingerie outfits or dress them up with any new or seasonal pieces every so often. It’s the perfect place for a little naughty fashion show or changing role-pay outfits on the fly. You could even take it a step further and install a pole (or perhaps a stage) and unleash your inner stripper!

Don’t forget about the shoes and accessories!

2. An impact wall

Hang all of your impact and sensory toys like floggers, whips, crops, ticklers, etc. on a wall. In addition to looking hella sexy and on display, it can help to keep them all organized and tangle-free!

If you like to mix in a little restraint play too, set up some rope or cuffs like suspension or over-the-door ones that are always ready to go.

3. Lubes & liquids display

If you have a lot of sex lubes & liquids, display them to help ensure that you’re actually using all that you’re buying. If organization is your kink (guilty tbh), you could assort them by expiration date or type of liquid (flavoured lubes, water-based, silicone, toy cleaners, massage oils, stimulants, etc.) and create labels so you always know where to go in the heat of the moment!

Pro Tip: Glass cabinets or shelves can make any bottle or container instantly look like it’s in a high-end boutique.

4. Are you a porn connoisseur?

Set up your space for optimal viewing pleasure; display any magazines and books, put a TV with a bigger screen in a central spot you can see from all angles, and organize/display all your videos for easy browsing. If you have a fan favourite, leave it inside of the DVD player or queued up and ready-to-go for next time!

…OR do you dabble in making erotic content, whether for personal use or professionally on something like OnlyFans? Create a shooting station for yourself with better lighting, a background, and keep any toys you may use on-screen within reach.

5. Set up a toy cleaning & charging station

Okay, this one isn’t as sexy - but it’s incredibly useful! Make things easier before & after your play and keep things organized at the same time with a toy cleaning & charging station. Especially if you own multiple motorized sex toys (each with its own charging cord), this provides a way to keep them all in one place and if you so choose, they can even be kept out of sight. Keep toy cleaner & towels stocked, as well as a place for toys to air dry and plug-in to recharge.

Pro Tip: If you own more than one toy by the same brand - check to see if they use the same type of charging cord. If they do (like Satisfyer), you only have to keep 1 or 2 of them instead of having numerous lying around unused.

6. Pet play space

Set up the ultimate space for your pet play! Dedicate space for a human cage (or make it a feature), keep any collars & leashes hung up nearby so they’re ready to use, and leave out food and water. Personalize the space for your pet by adding any other accessories they may want or enjoy such as a stuffed animal, toys, or a blanket.

Here are some specific things we carry that would look great in your sex room!

Items in order: