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How to Build Your OWN Sex Room Part 1: How To

Here’s how you too can create your very OWN sex room!
Emily Zawadzki
September 1, 2022

How does one exactly go about building a sex room?! Although Melanie makes it look so easy (and glam) on TV, it’s an overwhelming and bigger type of project for anyone to take on whether solo, as a couple, or even as a poly family as you may have seen on the show.

You probably don’t have access to the money and resources that Netflix does, but you can still create a sexy space that’s tailored to all of your boudoir needs and wants.

Here’s how to build your very OWN sex room!


Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs

A good starting point is to think about where exactly you want this space to be. Perhaps you need to consider children or what to do when company is over, in which case, it may require a little more creativity on your part.

If it’s not possible to dedicate a whole room (which tbh is pretty likely for most people), try to at least dedicate a designated space in your home such as in the basement, in the bathroom, in a spare bedroom, or in your main bedroom.

Even though it may not be the most ideal or convenient, you could also opt for a temporary space that requires *some* setup and takedown before and after you play. However, you can implement some life hacks that make the process easier such as hiding a bed restraint system under the sheets!


vision board gif

Time to create your very own "get in the mood" board! Since a sex room is a personal thing, take some time to reflect on and plan out what you really want and need out of your sexy space based off of your own sexual interests. Do you have a lot of sex toys like vibrators, dildos, or strokers? Are you into bondage? Water sports?

Alternatively, if you have multiple interests, you can create zones such as the rope corner, a games wall, or a place specifically for spanking! Don’t forget about your future sexual selves; think about any future curiosities or things you may want to explore, that way your sex room is not just about serving your current sexual interests but it can adapt to any potential new activities or kinks too!

It’s not just about your sexual interests either - think about the colours, styles, and textures (like fur, leather, croc, feather, silk, and velvet) you like and would want to use in your sex room build as well.

Pro Tip: Actually make a mood board (online or collage style) to help you really get the bigger picture of what you want to create. As you find things or décor pieces you like, make a wishlist so you can come back for them later!


…pun intended! 😏

Now that you have a general idea of what you want your sex room to look like and how it can function best for you and your sex life, it’s time to fill it up with all the things!

Shots Toys Multi-position Love Chair

Sex furniture is exactly what it sounds like…bigger pieces of furniture that were designed to help you have sex easier and in different ways. Due to their often larger size, you could choose a piece of furniture - like a swing or chair - to be the statement piece of your sex room.

Don’t forget to include aesthetic items in addition to your functional ones for more balanced design elements throughout your sex room. Depending on who you are, the following sex toys are often considered aesthetically pleasing and can provide a visual treat:

Wood Rocket Sex Style Adult Colouring Book

Speaking of aesthetics, how do you want to decorate your sex room? There are TONS of artists (you probaly even have a local one!) with erotic works of art you can display on your walls and throughout the space. Pick some sexy prints, wallpapers, or statues that you love and can help set up the right environment to get you in the mood!

Before you set up your sex room, now it’s time to take a look at everything you have and decide what should go where. Outside of any designated zones or specific play areas (as mentioned earlier), how do you want to arrange everything?

Here are some other prompts that can help you decide:

  • Are you comfortable enough to display everything or would you prefer to store some things more privately?
  • What items do you use more frequently? Is it helpful to have those more accessible?
  • Do you want to store similar items together?
  • Are there any really nice, aesthetic items you want to have more of a feature display for?
  • Is there a space to put the things that are temporarily set up when you take them down?

vision in my head gif

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of this series where we give you some of OUR sex room ideas and you can shop the show!