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How To Clean & Care For Your Toys

One question we tend to get asked quite a bit by our customers is how to properly clean and care for their sex toys.
Emily Zawadzki
September 10, 2019

One question we tend to get asked quite a bit by our customers is how to properly clean and care for their sex toys. Although there is a wide variety of designs, styles, and materials of sex toys out there, cleaning, caring for, and storing them is a pretty universal practice.

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Why You Should Care For Your Sex Toys

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Sex toys literally mix and mingle with all of your sensitive bits as well as bodily fluids on a regular basis. Not only is it hygenic to keep your toys clean, but you are also keeping yourself safe from any lingering bacteria by doing things like washing them, storing them properly, etc.

How well you choose to care for your toys can ultimately determine how long they will last you. Especially if you purchased a toy of a higher $ value or it is a personal favourite, you will most likely want to keep using it for as long as you can!

How To Care For Them

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1. Cleaning

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We cannot emphasize this enough; please wash your sex toys! Before and after every use, you should be washing your toys. Bacteria is not something you want to accidentally introduce to any of your orifices or your most sensitive bits.

Toys that are non-porous*, such as glass, metal, and silicone, are better options because they are less likely to harbour any lingering bacteria. The best way to clean a sex toy is with a toy cleaner. In a pinch and every once in a while, using hot water and a gentle soap works too, however it could possibly degrade your toy’s material over time or leave residue on the surface of your toy.

*The porosity of your toy determines how well it clings onto bacteria or not.

Pro Tip: Be careful with toys that aren’t fully waterproof or have a battery compartment. You’ll need to pay extra attention to ensure water doesn’t get anywhere it shouldn’t or that it is not submerged fully at any time. Also keep in mind that toys with more textures (ribbed, nubbed, ridges, etc.) have more potential for bacteria getting trapped inside if not properly and thoroughly cleaned.

2. Consider your lubes and liquids.

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It‘s well-known within the industry that silicone lube should not be used with silicone toys as the silicone can bond to itself, melting it or leaving it feeling gritty and gross.

The best way to ensure a lube doesn’t damage your toy is to do a spot test on your toy to see what it can take. Pick an unimportant spot, such as somewhere near the handle, or somewhere else you don’t really use, and rub a little bit of silicone lube into it. Watch the spot over time to see if anything happens to it. Then you’ll know if you can use it on the rest of your toy.

However, if you want to just play it safe and ensure no damage to the toy, use a water-based lubricant; it is safe for all materials as the main ingredient is water.

Pro Tip: Did you know there are actually some lubes designed specifically for use with sex toys? Wicked’s Toy Love for example, is a thicker, water-based gel that will stay on the toy for a longer period of time - meaning less stopping to reapply and more playtime!

3. Toy Powder

Stag Shop Toy Powder

If your toy is made of realistic “skin-like” material, such as Cyberskin, Superskin (Fleshlights), Ultraskyn, etc., you will need to dust your toy with a toy renewal powder after it is cleaned AND dried to maintain the realistic feel of your toy over time.

Mainly for the use of masturbators, strokers, dolls, etc., the powder soaks up any excess moisture and keeps the material soft, preventing it from sticking to itself.

Learn more about different sex toy materials here!

4. Storage Considerations

There are several things to consider when storing your toys to ensure that they are not being broken, getting lost, and/or getting any dirtier.

Whether you have one vibrator or an ever growing collection of all the sex toys, it's important to know how to properly care for and especially store them. Throwing them all into your nightstand drawer may seem like an easy and convenient idea but there's actually a lot more to it than just that!

Read our blog post on how to properly store your sex toys here!

Nothing lasts forever, and sadly there will come a time when you have to say goodbye to your favourite friend. However, if you take proper care of your toys, you can extend their life and guarantee some more quality time together.


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