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How To Clone-A-Willy

A seriously underrated couples toy, the Clone-A-Willy at home penis moulding kits bring you together for the ultimate prize; a replica of your favourite member!
Emily Zawadzki
January 13, 2022

Clone-A-What !?

That's right! The Clone-A-Willy kits allow you to mould a real, vibrating, quality dildo, that looks and feels just like YOU. You can do it right in your own home and even use the process as foreplay. They make a great gift for your partner or you can keep it for yourself to display your pride and joy!

Have we sparked your interest yet?

The best part about Clone-A-Willy's is that they are so easy to do! The geniuses behind their design made the process so simple with easy-to-follow instructions, allowing you to create your own mould anytime, anywhere!

The Science of Penis Casting

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On their website, Clone-A-Willy perfectly lays out the science behind their penis casting and explains which methods and materials they use to obtain the best results.

They use something called Alginate in their moulding, which is a natural polymer that comes from seaweed. Mixed with warm (we’ll get to that later) water, it creates the perfect moulding texture and set time to give you enough time to get fully erect and insert yourself. Once inside, you want a mixture that sets up right away so there's not too much waiting time - in which it's super easy to lose that erection!

Clone-A-Willy's scientific method is right down to the second, allowing you enough time to mix, pour, and have just enough time to insert yourself and hold your penis inside for 60-90 seconds. It is the moulding that will perfectly capture every detail, vein, curve, and what makes you, you. Therefore a thoughtfully timed out moulding process is what you want to ensure your replica looks exactly like you!

Next comes the casting; which is the material you need to fill your mould with in order to get that final piece. Silicone has proven to be the choice as a higher-quality sex toy material time and time again due to it being non-porous, temperature receptive, and feeling great on the skin! Most of the Clone-A-Willy's use silicone as their casting material.

Clone Your Willy!

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Now for the fun part; let's clone that willy!

Before you mix, you need to get hard! Once fully erect, cut the included tube to size. Hold the sealed end of the tube against your body next to your penis and make a mark on the tube where your penis ends; then cut off any excess tube. Tape around the edge of the tube you cut, this will be against your body so you want it to be smooth.

  1. Pour 1¾ cup of water at 90 degrees Fahrenheit into a large mixing bowl. Start the timer for 2 minutes and get ready!

    Immediately pour the bag of moulding power into the water and mix for only 60 seconds.

  2. Pour all of the mixture into the tube.

  3. Insert yourself into the tube and hold it firmly against your body. Your penis must be in the tube before that 2 minutes is up!

    Rotate or angle the tube if needed to make sure you're not touching any of the sides of the tube.

  4. When the mould is solidified, gently remove your penis from the mould and let the mould sit to dry for 2 hours.

  5. After the mould is done and hard (pun intended), empty the 2 containers of silicone into a disposable cup. Try to get as much out of each container as you can!

  6. Stir this mixture for 2 minutes and then pour it into the mould, saving at least 1 inch of space at the top.

  7. Take a small piece of cardboard and cut a small "X" in the centre. Push the vibrator through the X and then put the vibrator into the mould, making sure it’s not touching the sides.

    Let this sit for 24 hours.

  8. Once completely firm and dry, remove the silicone from the mould, and voila! An identical replica of your favourite organ!

For visual learners, here is Clone-A-Willy's How To Video!

Things To Consider

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Here are some things to consider to help the penis casting process run a little smoother.

  • Try wearing a cock ring during the moulding; it can be difficult to stay erect the whole duration - especially when sticking your junk into a colder mould! (This is why the 90 degrees is important, it ensures a warmer mould, hopefully avoiding some shrinkage). Cock rings will help to restrict the blood flow to the penis, helping you to last longer.

  • Get a partner to help. Another set of hands can make the process a little easier while their hands and mouth can help with getting and maintaining an erection; it can also be a fun experience to do together!

  • If you missed your last man-scape appointment, you may want to give yourself a little trim beforehand. Pubic hair can get stuck in the mould and will most likely hurt to have pulled out; unless that's the look you're going for - in which case the pubes will also leave an impression on your Clone-A-Willy!

  • If there is a natural curve to your penis, the process is the exact same except for the shape of the tube you use. Follow the instructions here that guide you on how to properly cut and arrange the tube to work best for you!

PS. did you know you can now Clone-A-Pussy as well!? Similar process, different results!

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