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Temperature Play 101

If you’re looking to heat things up or cool things down, look no further than our guide to temperature play!
January 11, 2022

It’s all in the name!

Temperature play is any sexual activity or scenario involving hot, warm, cold, and/or cool temperatures. It can be kinky, sensual, etc. as it’s all about how YOU want to play! There are several ways you can incorporate temperature play into your sex life - whether solo or with a partner.

1. Heating Toys

Svakom Primo Warming Remote Controlled Prostate or G-Spot Probe

A toy that does all of the hot and heavy work for you!? Yes please! Mainly seen in vibrators and penis strokers, some toys have a heating function that warms you up with the push of a button.

2. Warming & Cooling Lubricants

Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Chill Cooling Lubricant

If you wanted to try out temperature play on a lighter scale, you could experiment with warming and/or cooling lubes to explore the sensations on your body. They provide the best of both worlds if you’re already a big fan of lube - which you should be btw!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to blow! Depending on how close your mouth is to the lubed-up body part, a breath that is further away can feel cooling whereas closer to can have more of a warming effect.

3. Glass & Metal Toys

XR Brands Prisms Dosha 3-Piece Glass Anal Plug Kit

Both glass & metal are toy materials notoriously known for retaining temperatures for a longer period of time. Seen in a wide variety of toy styles including dildos, anal toys, cock rings and more, check out our previous blog post for some ideas on how to heat/cool your toys!

4. Wax Play

Ouch By Shots Wax Play Scented Candle Chocolate

Turn up the heat with some wax play! It’s a form of temperature, sensory, and sometimes pain play; all with the use of melted candle wax (from body-safe candles). It can be both a sensual and painful experience, all depending on the level of heat. You can make it hotter by dripping it closer to the body, cooler by dripping with more height, and/or drive their senses wild by incorporating a bit of both!

5. DIY Play

ice cube in a jar gif

Use what you’ve already got! Think ice cubes, the warm/cool temperature of water from a showerhead or faucet, the condensation from a cold drink, etc. Get creative with your hot and cold props as long as they’re body-safe.


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