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How to Gift a Sex Toy

Are you thinking of gifting a sex toy this holiday season!?
December 6, 2022

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Now we here at Stag Shop just so happen to think that sex toys make great gifts whether it’s for someone’s birthday, an anniversary, the holidays, or just because!

Before you begin buying though, it’s important to be aware that everybody has different comfort levels, experiences, and opinions regarding sex toys and sex in general. Which means that a sex toy unfortunately doesn’t always make the best gift for everybody, however we have a few tips that may help give you more confidence in your sexy gift-giving skills!

What’s your relationship?

two girls hugging gif

Firstly, consider your relationship with the person. Are you trying to shop for a friend? A partner? A family member you’re really close to?

If it’s a partner, what have you talked about? Have you discussed any kinks or interests? What’s off limits?

Assuming isn’t really the best route when gifting a sex toy so the more you know about the person’s preferences, the better!

Consider the type of toy

Stag Shop Wild Rose

What type of toy were you thinking of gifting? Vibrators are a moreso common and universal sex toy that might not seem as out of place compared to something such as a butt plug or a BDSM toy. It’s important to be mindful about making anyone feel pressured to play with something or engage in a type of sexual activity they’re not interested in, especially when gifting to a partner.

You should also consider the design and size of the toy; something bigger may intimidate someone but a toy that is cute and mini (like our Rose pictured above!) might suit someone better!

Just remember that not all folks like all types of toys and sensations so there’s always a risk that they might not like it, and that’s okay!

Location, location, location

two men under christmas tree

It’s generally a good idea to gift a sex toy in an environment that the receiver will feel comfortable to open it up! Think about the time and place ahead of time and try to avoid anywhere public such as:

  • At a park or playground
  • In a restaurant
  • At the workplace (unless you work at Stag Shop!😉)
  • At a family event
  • On public transit
  • At the airport

*Okay, a sex toy might be too much, but I still want to give something fun & sexy!

Stag Shop Dirty Talk Charcoal Bath Bomb & Kheper Games Adult Charades

You may have reached this point in the article and have started to second guess your sex toy gift. Have no worries! If you still wanted to gift something sexy or fun, here are some other ideas!

  • Massage candle - while lube tends to be more of a personal preference, massage oils are more universal in their use. A candle, which brings about a more romantic type of mood, turns into an oil as it melts!

  • Bath & body items - who doesn’t like to engage in a little bit of self-care with some sensual bath & body items like bath bombs & bath salts.

  • Games - find them a fun adult game, or if you’re shopping for a partner look for one that has a more sexual theme!


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