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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: For Couples

You already know each other best, so this isn’t a list of what to get, but rather tips to change how you go about your sexy shopping this holiday season!
Emily Zawadzki
December 8, 2022

However, if you happen to need ideas for that too...check out our Top 10 Couples Toys as well as our other Holiday Gift Guides!

1. Leave Each Other a Wish List


Beneficial for both of you, a list (including links too!) can ensure your partner is getting just what they want and vice versa. Some people can be super specific about what they like and want, and a list can make things easier for both people. 

Also, a list can be a good place to start if you or your partner have NO idea what to get the other person!

2. Drop Some Hints

Hilary Duff hinting gif

Not many people are psychic, so some helpful hints now and then can be valuable for a partner. If you don’t want to be so obvious and specific as with a list, try dropping some hints to point your partner in the right direction, while still maintaining some element of surprise!

3. Watch For Sales & Coupons

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Now is the time of year that companies are trying to clear out whatever is left from the year, and that usually means some pretty great savings! Signing up for things like e-mail newsletters can give you more or different offers (some of which are personalized), saving you even more money.

4. Go Shopping Together

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Whether you like to shop in-store or naked online, try it together! You can show off some specific items you’re wanting, or use the experience to drop some of those hints. If you want to shop for your partner while they’re with you, try opening up the conversation with some suggestions for a toy you would like to use on them, or an outfit you would love to see them in!