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Large & In Charge Dildos!

Basically the opposite idea of a beginner dildo, large dildos are on the, well, larger side of things!
March 30, 2021

Basically the opposite idea of a beginner dildo, large dildos are on the, well, larger side of things. What’s considered “big” is relative, of course, however, we’re classifying them here as dildos that are around 8 inches+ in length and 1.75+ inches in width.

Large dildos typically feature bigger lengths & girths and are ideal for those who enjoy the “fullness” feeling that can come with having something bigger be inserted into the body.

Double-Ended Dildos

Pipedream Dillio Realistic Double-Ended Dildo 12-inch Pink

Double-ended dildos are typically longer dildos that can be used in a variety of ways including with a partner and as a solo dual penetration toy. While girth usually increases with length, double-ended dildos can be found with different levels of thickness - some even on opposing ends of the same toy!

Just as with all dildos, consider:

Pipedream King Cock Vibrating Realistic Cock 8-inch Brown

  • Do you want it to look realistic? Depending on your preferences and what you’re looking for, there are pros and cons to both.

  • What material is it made out of?

  • Do you want it to vibrate? Remember that just because it vibrates, doesn’t mean that you always have to turn it on.

  • Are things like a suction-cup base & strap-on harnesses compatibility important to your play? While still possible with a large dildo, these two things specifically can take more patience and be more “hands-on” - because gravity is still a thing!

Why a large dildo?

Adam & Eve Tall Boy Dildo Blue

For most folks, the fullness and/or “stretching” feeling that a large dildo can bring to the vagina or anus is simply enjoyable and arousing! For vulva havers, a longer dildo specifically will make it easier to stimulate the cervix located at the very back of the vagina (also sometimes referred to as the “a-spot”) if that is something you enjoy.

Tantus Fist Trainer Dildo Black

Others may use a large dildo as a way to “train” or prepare the body for other larger insertions such as bigger penises, fists, etc.

Don’t forget the lube!

Wicked Sensual Care Toy Love Gel Lube 3oz

Especially for something like a large dildo (and even moreso for anal play), lube is basically mandatory! Consider using more of a thicker gel lube that will stay on the toy and the body longer than a thinner or “runnier” lube.


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