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Different Types of Cuffs

Some cuffs are designed for specific parts of the body like wrists or ankles, others are gentler/rougher on the skin, and some can even be DIY’d!
March 25, 2021

Designed for both wrists and ankles, with cuffs you can explore power dynamics, different positions, and even play with orgasm control & edging! They are also great for beginners of BDSM to dip your toes into some of the kinker types of play.


Ouch by Shots Toys Beginner Metal Handcuffs Assorted Colours

Cuffs made of metal offer more of a “realistic” look & feel, especially for role-playing personas (cops, security, etc.). They can provide a cold and uncomfortable element to the wrists/ankles depending on how they are used and are often available in a range of colours in addition to silver.


Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Feather Love Cuffs Red

Furry cuffs are probably what most folks tend to imagine when thinking about “kinky” or “sexy” handcuffs! Available in a variety of fun colours, furry handcuffs can provide more comfort to the wearer as they are often softer on the wrists/skin.

Door Jam

Cal Exotics Colt Camo Over The Door Cuffs

Door jam cuffs provide a fun & unique way to try different positions & activities - oral for example - all while standing up! While the tube part sits over the top of a closed door, the cuffs (and the person in them) remain attached and unable to move from their spot against the door. Thanks to their easy setup and takedown, explore all of the fun that can happen behind your closed doors!

Bed Restraint

Cal Exotics Scandal Over the Bed Cross Restraint

Bring the fun of cuffs & restraint play right to your bed with a bed restraint! Attaching to a central restraint “system”, the cuffs are sometimes removable so that they can be moved and arranged in different ways. Once you’re all strapped down & ready to go, that’s when the fun begins!

DIY Rope Cuffs

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope Black

For rope play enthusiasts, consider making your own cuffs with some rope. There are lots of tutorials out there on how to make different types of cuffs for the wrists, ankles, etc. all with rope! Since rope is a little more intense to work with, be sure you’re always playing safe and doing your homework beforehand.


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