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Last Month on YouTube...Nov 2022

As things were cooling down outside, we were heating things up over on our YouTube channel; take a look at the fun we had over there last month!
Emily Zawadzki
December 27, 2022

Introducing Balldo!

Get ready to experience BALLSEX with Balldo - the world's first ball dildo!

Meet the Cast:

BDSM Myths Busted!

Unfortunately there are still many myths surrounding the world of BDSM that may be getting in the way of you reaching your full play potential, so it’s time to do some myth-busting with sex educator Emily!

Meet the Cast:

Alternatives to Penetration

From medical reasons to personal preference, there are a wide variety of reasons as to why someone may be looking for alternatives to penetration - join sex educator Emily to learn more!

Meet the Cast: