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Long-Distance Sex Tips

Sometimes your playmate or partner just isn’t around physically for all of the sexy fun, so here are 5 tips for any long-distance sex!
August 11, 2022

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What is a long-distance relationship? Although this can be a personalized definition, for this blog we’re going to say it’s when two or more people are in a relationship (whatever type of relationship that may be) but don’t live together and are often far apart from each other…not like a 10-minute drive or 30-minute transit ride!

How do YOU define it? Share with us in the comments below!

Regardless of why you’re apart from a playmate or partner, here are some tips to make your virtual sex extra spicy!🌶️

1. Use an app-controlled toy to play with some of your favourite toys together

We-Vibe Date Night Set - Nova Rabbit Vibrator & Pivot Cock Ring

App-controlled sex toys are one of the best things to be brought into the modern world! They truly allow you to connect with someone anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Some are even designed to work with each other so as one person moves their toy, the other toy mimics the sensations for the other person!

They can be used for BDSM play too, click here to learn more about these toys and how they work.

2. Set up your background

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Set up your background environment just as you would as if you were in-person; light some candles, put on some music, add mood lighting, or even put some of your toys on display behind you so they know what kind of call they’re in for!

Alternatively, use a fun green screen effect to act out some of your wildest (and maybe even unrealistic) fantasies like being out in space, in the ocean, etc. Green screens are also great because if you don’t have the time (or motivation) to tidy up your background space IRL, it automatically covers it all up!

Pro tip: You can also tailor any backgrounds to suit any role-play or BDSM-specific scenarios!

3. Dress up (or down!) in lingerie

Coquette 21103 Long Robe White

Amp up your already existing sex appeal with some lingerie or men’s wear! Wear one of their favourite outfits on camera, something that instantly makes you feel more confident and in the mood, or use an outfit to role-play over face-time or through the phone.

If you’re feeling extra naughty (and rhythmic!), perform a strip tease or your own virtual cam show just for them!

4. Make sure you have a stable, private connection

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Regardless of how you choose to play - over the phone, through video chat like FaceTime, or through your toy’s app - internet safety still applies! Ensure you’re on a stable and private connection (no Starbucks wifi’s here honey) so that you are protected, especially in a vulnerable state like when sexting or having phone sex with someone.

5. Figure out ways to incorporate some of your favourite in-person sexy things virtually too

Cal Exotics French Kiss Casanova Stimulator Red

It can be really hard (pun intended) to not be able to experience some of your favourite sexual activities physically with another person while doing the long-distance thing. While it may not be quite the same, you can still figure out ways to incorporate some of these things into your virtual sex too.

For example…

  • Make & send dirty voice notes with some of your/their preferred dirty talk
  • Watch or read erotic content together - and start it at the same time on both devices
  • Engage in Dominant & submissive play from afar - you may need to tweak some rules & disciplines to accommodate for the distance
  • Use different types of toys to mimic different sensations:


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