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Massage Wands Shopping Guide

Made for more than just massaging, massage wands are powerful vibrators that can send deep, rumbly vibrations wherever you want them most!
Emily Zawadzki
October 21, 2021

Massage wands are a type of vibrator that feature a more bulbous, rounded head and often deliver more powerful vibrations compared to other types of vibes. In fact, they can be so strong that they actually are used non-sexually by many folks to soothe aching muscles all over the body!

Massage wands are also a popular toy for powerful and direct clitoral stimulation, nipple stimulation, and more. Since they range in features, shape, size, and more; here is what you’ll want to know when shopping for a wand.

Power Options

Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe White/Red

Known for their intense vibrations, many of the classic massage wands - like the Vibratex Magic Wand - need to be plugged into a wall socket to function. This is often what makes them stronger compared to others, as they are pulling from a stronger power source.

Le Wand Petite Rechargeable Vibrating Massage Wand Violet

In more modern times though, there are many wands that are also now rechargeable. Still boasting incredible vibration strengths, they can also be more portable and more convenient to use!


 PalmPower Pocket Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand

While most massage wands are on the larger side, there are some that are smaller, even mini size! Kind of becoming like a more intense bullet/egg vibe, a mini wand still features the bulbous and rounded head that just hits differently.

PalmPower Extreme Massage Wand

Alternatively, some wands are SUPER sized which can make them easier to control and/or hold, and can even cover even more surface area with its extra-large head!

More Than A Massage Wand

Evolved Wanderful Wabbit Vibrator Blue

Some massage wands (like the one pictured above) are more of a two-in-one toy with features such as rabbit ears and/or a dual-ended design with an internal end and an external wand end. 

Yeah, She Cute

Jopen Starstruck Romance MassagerCal Exotics Naughty Bits W.I.L.F WandBodywand Mini Bodywand Massager

For those that like a little dazzle to their toys, check out these wands that feature cute and funky designs, as well as things like glitter, crystal adornments, and more!


Evolved Wanderlust Wand Black

You may have noticed by now that most massage wands feature a long handle which allows it to be held and controlled comfortably. To take it a step further, some wand handles are also ergonomic (aka longer and slightly curved) for even easier maneuvering against the body (or more than one) in any position!

Palmpower PalmPleasure Massager Attachment Set 2PC Pink

For even more wand-erous fun, try an attachment! Slipped over the head of the wand, attachments extend the vibrations to be delivered in different ways such as internally, around a penis, or with pieces that move/flicker.

Just be sure to pay attention to wand attachment brands and sizes as some are designed to only work with their brand of products. Most attachments are sold separately, however the
We-Vibe Wand comes with not only one, but two!

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