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Watermelon, chocolate, salted caramel, cotton candy - who knew such delicious flavours could be found at a sex toy company!?
October 26, 2021

Watermelon, chocolate, salted caramel, cotton candy - who knew such delicious flavours could be found at a sex toy company!? Whether to enhance the experience or simply for some sweet-tasting fun; edible products provide you with a new kind of oral treat!

Body Paint

HighOnLove Hemp Oil Body Paint Dark Chocolate 3.4oz

Unleash your inner creativity onto a lover with edible body paint! Play a game, make it sensual, or simply have fun doodling all over your naked bodies. Once the drawing is done, cut your clean-up time by licking off your artistic designs instead! 


Pipedream BJ Blast Exploding Oral Sex Candy 3-Pack

Some candy that we sell was designed to be used during sexual activity - mainly oral sex - such as BJ Blast. Resembling the Pop Rock candy many of us enjoyed as kids, when someone performs oral sex on a penis, that fun popping sensation is then also transferred and felt by the penis owner.

Little Genie Super Fun Penis Candy

However, there is also simply candy with naughty parts or words on them - usually just for fun or gag gifts at parties! 


Pipedream Edible Male Gummy Panties Strawberry

Turn yourself into a tasty treat with edible underwear! We currently offer this fun wearable snack in two designs: gummy or rock candy! They can both be found to accommodate penises and vulvas, and there’s even a rock candy bra that allows you to nibble until you get to nipple!

Honey Dust


Kama Sutra Honey Dust Body Powder Assorted Sizes & Flavours

Specifically made by brand Kama Sutra, Honey Dust is a unique, multi-purpose edible product! A light powder found in a variety of tropical and sweet flavours is applied to any part of the body with the included mini feather applicator. It can then be kissed and even licked off of the skin!

More than that, due to its consistency, it is also great to use:

  • In the roots of the hair to soak up oil
  • Between the legs or under the breasts to soak up sweat and/or help with chafing
  • In shoes that have an odour

Flavoured Lubes

Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Flavoured Lubricant 3ml Foil Packet

Flavoured lubricants are actually designed specifically for oral sex! They provide all of the already great benefits of lube (read more about that here) but feature a delicious taste. Since they are all water-based, they are completely safe to ingest orally.

Lathered over the vulva, penis, or anus, a flavoured lube provides a yummy taste for the giver, while still pleasuring and adding more sensation for the receiver. Trust us, some are SO yummy, you’ll forget it’s lube!

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