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Meet the Managers: Part One!

It’s our 50th birthday & in honour of this celebration, we wanted to get up close & personal with some of our amazing managers! Today, we begin with Part 1.

Meet Natalie from our Sarnia location and Kristy from our Brantford location!

#1: Natalie

1. What store do you work at & how long have you been with the company?

I was hired in November 2016 as the Store Manager for the new Sarnia store! I was promoted to a hybrid Area Manager position in 2018 and now oversee 5 stores!

2. What’s your personal favourite product, and why?

Honey Dust! It comes in so many flavours and is a product that has a pretty loyal following. It has many different uses and is completely edible, it’s just so versatile and fun!

3. What is your favorite Stag Shop memory?

So many wonderful memories to choose from, I’d have to say attending my first Staff Day in 2017 was so exciting! I met so many wonderful sex positive people and had such a super fun day of learning.

4. What is one thing that has surprised you about working at Stag Shop?

How much the information and education we give our customers truly impacts their lives. I still have customers coming back that I met in my first few weeks of managing the Sarnia store that tell me I helped their marriage. It’s an incredible feeling!

5. What is the most interesting OR popular question you get asked about working at a sex toy company? And what’s your go-to answer?

I get asked if I get free samples or if I get to try all the products when people find out where I work. Depending on the person I say either “wouldn’t you like to know?” or “Job perks!” :)

#2: Kristy

1. What store do you work at & how long have you been with the company?

2 fabulous years in October (at the Brantford location)!

2. What’s your personal favourite product and why?

My personal favourite product is the "Pen Pal" by Evolved! Not only is it discreet but metal which is a preference of mine! The slim high intensity bullet is the perfect toy and is a must for me!

3. What is your favourite Stag Shop memory?

I would have to say my favourite memory happened just a few days ago. As a Manager you become desensitized to questions and hearing stories but I was definitely taken by surprise when I had 2 customers inquiring about how to safely open themselves up enough to be able to take food inside of them.....yes, you read that correct! I loved every minute of the conversation but it was definitely a first for me.

Editor's note: we don't *actually* recommend using food inside of the body for a variety of safety reasons - good thing there are so many different body-safe toys to choose from!

4.What is one thing that surprised you about working at Stag Shop?

I honestly think that initially I was surprised at the amount of people who are freely open about their desires and fetishes! I love every single story and really try to help each and every customer find exactly what they are looking for. I find customers value our opinions and ensuring you are well-knowledged in all areas helps a lot!

5. What is the most interesting OR popular question you get asked about working at a sex toy company? And what's your go-to answer?

I would have to say the most popular question I get would be "what is your favourite?" This pertains to a lot of different items and I am more than happy to explain to a customer which toy or lube is my personal favourite however, I do try to ensure I am providing them with a product that is right for them.

I feel that toys especially are all unique just like us and I always encourage a customer to open up to me so I can help them find something they are going to love!


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