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Happy Masturbation Month + Playlists!

This post was originally posted in May 2020 as part of a series and has been updated in May 2022 with even MORE playlists!
Emily Zawadzki
May 10, 2022

Did you know that May was National Masturbation Month!? That’s right, since 1995, folks have been celebrating the act of self-love, and in 2022, Stag Shop wants to ensure you’re always treating yourself to the best.

More Self-Love, Honey

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Masturbation is the solo act of stimulating one’s genitals for sexual pleasure. Most often done with your own hand(s), there are lots of toys on the market that can help too! There is no right or wrong way to masturbate, and even though many of us share similar genital makeups, there is no universal stimulation that will work for everyone!

Just because masturbation is often a solo act, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Mutual masturbation counts too and is generally one of the lowest risk sexual activities to engage in!

Masturbation not only feels great, but it’s good for you in so many other ways too! To learn more about the many benefits of masturbation, check out our previous blog post here!

The Musical Mood

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Have you ever masturbated to music? Just as you might throw on something sexy with a partner or light a candle to set the mood, the right tunes can help get you into the masturbation mood too.

If you didn’t feel like creating your own playlist full of your personal go-to sexy songs (always a good idea btw), we took the time to find you some hot masturbation playlists on Spotify instead!

Check out the playlists from both the original post in 2020 and the updated ones of 2022!

2022 Playlists:

1. Made by indie female adult filmmaker Erika Lust, this mix of indie and airy music has been curated to make you feel good inside and out!

2. You know you’re in for some sexy times with this playlist created by sex toy brand Bellesa that features mainly R&B and hip hop songs to lay back and relax to.

3. We’d be lying if we said the thumbnail for this playlist didn’t make us click on it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Featuring a variety of genres, this misc. masturbation playlist just exudes erotic energy✨

4. This pop & indie masturbation playlist will make you want to sing along *almost* as much as it’ll make you want to touch yourself! Some songs are slow-paced whereas others are quicker - allowing you to match your speed to the beat baby.🎶

5. Are you feeling broken-hearted? Looking for a little lustful pick me up? In the wise words of this female-focused and mainly indie-pop playlist creator, “masturbation never broke my heart”.

2020 Playlists:

1. Although this one by Pop Sugar is technically called “Sexy Masturbation Playlist”, given the artists on it (like Arianra Grande, Selena Gomez, and Tove Lo), we’ve renamed it “Lady-Pop” instead.

2. “Va-Jay Jams” is a quickie playlist featuring a collection of sexy favourites across multiple genres.

3. Another one, “Boss Babe Sex Playlist” is similar, but features more songs by more power Queens such as Beyonce, Lizzo, and Amy Whinehouse.

4. Are you “Feelin’ Yourself”!? Well you will be when you listen to this Spotify curated mix of Rap & R&B artists like Megan Thee Stallion, Kehlani, and Rico Nasty.

5. At this “Masturbation Station”, you can go hard or stay home with this collection of hot Hip Hop songs.

6. If you’re feeling like you would prefer some slower “Masturbation Vibes”, check out this playlist that features “sex-postive female vibez for your modern me-time” - we’re obsessed.

7. Lastly, if you’re not sure what to listen to while you self-love, try this larger playlist (5+ hours!!) that has a little bit of everything.