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More or Less: Masturbators

These items are more or less the same with the key difference being price. Whether you wanted to spend more or less, here are some comparable masturbators!
Emily Zawadzki
March 15, 2022

These items are “more or less” the same with the key difference being the price. So whether you wanted to spend more or less, here are some comparable masturbators!

Pocket Pussy

MORE: $67.99

Adam & Eve Adam's Tight Stroker With Massage Beads

This realistic pocket pussy by Adam & Eve is open-ended for easy cleaning and features a textured chamber with beads that massage you with each stroke!

LESS: $14.99

Cal Exotics Tight Pussy Stroker Clear

Alternatively, this Cal Exotics clear & realistic pocket pussy provides see-through fun while also being open-ended and textured, just like the Adam & Eve one.


MORE: $118.99*

Fleshlight Girls Ana Foxxx Custom Pussy Masturbator

While we’re specifically showing Ana Foxx above, the Fleshlight brand, in general, is infamously known for their patented case with a twist-off lid. Ranging in orifices, porn star moulds, and special features like vibration, all have a sturdy plastic case and an internal sleeve that is removable for easy cleaning.

Another twist cap at the base of a Fleshlight allows you to play with and control a suction effect; the looser/more open the cap is, the more air that will get inside that will provide less suction. The tighter the cap, the stronger the suction!

*Ana Foxxx specifically is $118.99 but the brand feature a wide range of prices.

LESS: $54.99

Pipedream Extreme Tight Grip Pussy & Ass Masturbator

If you still wanted something to grip (but for a fraction of the price) try this dual-ended stroker from Pipedream. One end is a pussy and the other an ass, so you have options for your pleasure each time you play!

This stroker features a no-slip grip case that also provides a suction effect as you squeeze; the harder the squeeze, the more suction! The internal part is textured with canals, ribs, and tiny love nodules that tease and surround you for added sensations with each thrust.


MORE: $219.99

Pipedream Extreme PDX Elite Talk-Back Super Stroker

In addition to 10 vibration patterns, this extreme stroker has responsive & realistic erotic communication; meaning you can talk dirty to it, and it’ll talk back to you! Listen to passionate moans or 1 of the 20 seductive direct responses while 10 different motion-triggered reactions will excite your mind and your…well you know.😉

Also featuring an adjustable, locking suction-cup base for hands-free play, this sexy stroker provides a unique and heightened level of intense pleasure to every masturbation session.

LESS: $59.99

Zero Tolerance Endless Love Rechargeable Stroker

To experience vibration on the lighter side, try this realistic and closed-ended pussy stroker from Zero Tolerance. It features a removable, waterproof, AND rechargeable bullet vibrator with 10 different vibration patterns that can be used on its own too.


MORE: $999.99

Pipedream Extreme Milk Me Silly Masturbator

This lifesize booty masturbator will have you seeing double! Dual entry points (pussy & ass), as well as dual gyrating motors, provide you with a one-of-a-kind stroking experience - no matter which hole you choose!

An attached remote control puts all of the fun right at your fingertips, giving you control over both the 5 different rotation functions and 5 different vibration functions independently for an endless combination of fun!

LESS: $84.99

Zero Tolerance Sasha Grey Pussy and Ass Stroker

Similar in size but not in price, instead consider this dual entry lifesize masturbator by Zero Tolerance. Not only does it feature a hole on the end for easier cleaning, with its purchase, you’ll also get a FREE Sasha Grey movie download so that you can act out your fantasies with Sasha Grey in real-time!


MORE: $349.99

Autoblow A.I. Artificial intelligence Blow Job Masturbator

If you were looking for the most realistic blowjob masturbator, look no further than the Autoblow AI. This heavy-duty toy used artificial intelligence to analyze 1000 hours (!!!) of blowjob videos to understand the movements that occur during real-life blowjobs.

The choice is now yours to experience; select from 10 blowjob experiences, 10 speeds per experience, and use the edge button to pause your blowjob at any time to extend your enjoyment.

Not just for blowjobs, other interchangeable sleeves like vaginas and anuses are available to take your realistic stroking to the next level!

LESS: $155.99

Zolo Blow Pro Automatic Stroker

Another innovative auto stroker, the Blow Pro features internal rotating beads that massage and tickle while you stroke, for a realistic blowjob experience. The hard outer casing allows for maximum control over angle and depth and features an easy-to-use remote control that allows you to switch up the vibration and 3 rotation modes on the fly. The sleeve with realistic mouth entry is also removable for easy cleaning.

*EVEN LESS*: $46.99

Cal Exotics Stroke It Mouth Stroker

This realistic mouth stroker from Cal Exotics is available in two skin tones (black & white) and is even less than the others. It doesn’t feature any sex tech or motors, however, it does have an anatomically correct design with teeth AND a tongue! The stroker has plushy & soft lips at the entry and a closed-ended design that provides a light suction effect.