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The Secret to Stockings

From fishnets to stay-ups, garters and more - we’re here to help break down the secret to stockings!
March 10, 2022

From fishnets to stay-ups, garters and more - we’re here to help break down the secret to stockings and all things hosiery!

1. Stockings vs Pantyhose

Coquette D1880X Matte Stockings & Coquette 1899 Pantyhose

Although used interchangeably, stockings typically end at the upper thing (“thigh-highs”) whereas pantyhose go all the way up to the waist, covering the butt and hips as well (kind of like leggings).

2. “Stay-up” Stockings

Coquette 1907 Fishnet Stockings & Coquette 1764 Stocking

Not all thigh-high stockings are designed to stay put on their own though! Some feature a silicone band on the inner lining at the top that helps to stick to the skin or an elasticized top that snugly clings around the leg (both pictured above).

If the stocking doesn’t have either of these, you will need garters to hold them up instead…but more on that later!

3. Fishnet vs Fence Net vs Sheer

Coquette 1733 Stocking & Coquette 1769 Stockings

While very similar, fishnet and fence net are two different styles of fabric that differ on how the material is woven together. Fence net is a more stretchy & revealing fabric with bigger, diamond-shaped holes whereas fishnet features a more narrow weave, making smaller holes.

Coquette 1756 Stocking

A sheer fabric doesn’t feature any sort of holes but rather feels very light and thin - basically see-through - revealing what is underneath!

4. Garters & Garter Belts

Coquette D9353 Matte Garter Belt & Coquette 7169 Corset

Garter belts are a unique lingerie piece as their primarily use is to simply hold up stockings with attached garters - while adding some extra sexy elements along the way! However, garters sometimes come attached to other lingerie pieces like bustiers & corsets as well.

To use them, slide the clasp up to release it and fasten it back in place again with the stocking too. The garters actually attach to the fabric at the top of the stocking, keeping it in place as you move around. Most can also adjust to give you more or less garter length, depending on the length of the stockings on your legs and/or the look you’re going for.

5. Bodystockings

Fantasy Lingerie SF926 To the Moon Bodystocking & Fantasy Lingerie SF924Q Dark Heart Teddy Bodystocking

Love the look that stockings and pantyhose provide? Cover yourself up in it fully with a bodystocking! They are a one-piece style made of a skin-tight material (often fishnet or a sheer material) that is designed to cover most of the body. They are available in a wide variety of colours, designs, and patterns!


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